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LoL: Will Yuumi Ever Be Played Again?

News 11-04-2024 12:16
Battle Principal Yuumi
Yuumi is one of the worst champions in the game now. | © Riot Games

Yuumi is by far the most hated champion in the game. Ever since her release in Season 9 she has been the topic of discussion. People straight up wanted her to be removed from the game. She was incredibly strong, but most importantly also very annoying to play against.

Ranked games with her were a nightmare because the Yuumi's on your team would watch the third season of their favourite Netflix show while the Yuumi on the enemy team would make their ADC unkillable.

She was even picked in Pro Play and was part of the infamous Garen Yuumi combo that plagued almost an entire competitive season.

Yuumi is an enchanter that is all about keeping her best friends alive while also having some utility to slow the enemy team down. And the best part? You can do so without moving an inch as you are getting (literally) physically carried by a teammate.

What Happened To Yuumi

Cats vs dogs nidalee yuumi
Yuumi deserves this treatment. | © Riot Games

In Patch 13.5 Riot did the unthinkable. After years of players screaming for Yuumi's deletion or a rework they finally gave her an update.

They reworked most of her abilities and changed her play style quite a bit. Before Yuumi could hop around her teammates and support them all at once which actually gave the champion quite a bit of skill expression. 

Now Yuumi was forced to stay with her new “Best Friend” to maximize her supporting capabilities. Her scaling is terrible, and the champion is stats wise closer to a minion than to any other champion.

In the right hands and in the right circumstances she can still work out if you have a hypercarry that needs to be protected but even in those cases other enchanters are doing her job better.

Yuumi and Jinx Valentines Day
She has basically been deleted. | © Riot Games

With her Gameplay Update in Patch 13.5 Riot has effectively brought Yuumi down to a state where she isn't downright deleted but picking her could be considered trolling especially in higher elos. She is far below 50% win rate even dropping down to 41% in the Iron rank.

Riot can't ever buff this champion again. She would be considered broken in pro play and in higher elos and the player's outcry to delete or nerf her would be too big.

The best part is that the player base actually loves this. Everybody who was there when she ruined the game could collectively come together and agree that the game is much better without her and nobody actually wants any Yuumi buffs. It's crazy that this Community could come together for once. Good Riddance Riot!

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