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Riot to Fix Major In-Game Bug Causing Players to Get Banned

Blackfrost Sion
So it wasn't Heartsteel... | © Riot Games

Not too long ago players got randomly banned on the PBE server for using 'third party or cheating' apps. Now the mystery seems to have been solved. Was it really the fault of one of the new items currently being tested on the PBE? 

At first players suspected a brand-new item, but it seems like another issue was causing players to get banned and spoiler: It's not your fault if you got banned, but it was all on Riot. Let's look at the details of this mystery on the PBE. 


Riot Spell Causes Players to Get Banned on LoL PBE Server

Content creator and streamer RossBoomsocks brought the issue of multiple players getting banned to light through his YouTube and Twitter. At first, he, along with other banned players, suspected that it was something with the new top lane tank item Heartsteel. 

The item, formerly known as Goliath's Ascendancy, will give champions huge amounts of HP and is one of the best new items in the top lane, but many suspected the item to be the root cause of the random banning incidents. As it turns out though, Riot made a mistake and will be working to rectify it and that mistake has nothing to do with Heartsteel. 

Playing this champion will also get you banned: 

Instead, it seems that the issue came from the spaghetti code of League of Legends and a spell in the game. Riot is fixing the issue with the spell and any players who were wrongfully banned and had their account suspended will have their bans revoked by Riot. 

What spell was the root cause of this issue was not revealed though, but at least players now know that it wasn't the item, their third-party apps like blitz or porofessor nor was it the anti-cheat of VALORANT. 

Riot's anti-cheat team is working on the issue and players will be unbanned quickly. At least Riot reacted quickly to this huge issue even if we still don't know the exact code or reason for this problem.