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LPL To Play Rest of Split Remotely

Jackeylove TES
No more in-person games for the LPL. | © Riot Games

COVID has been running rampant in the LPL and LCK over the last few weeks. T1 faced off against the Fredit Brion Challengers team, due to the LCK roster all having the coronavirus. The LPL is also suffering due to the pandemic.

Now the LPL has decided to take charge and make some changes to their games. What has been decided by officials?

Rest of Split to be Played Remotely

The LPL were the first region to welcome fans back into their stadium. Now, the teams have been sent back to their homes to play the rest of the season remotely. The announcement came early on March 14, 2022.

To keep COVID-19 from spreading and to protect the health and safety of our players, coaches, team personnel and staff, we have decided to move the rest of the regular season games to remotely play.

This means that as of March 15, 2022 all games will be held online with teams staying home. This comes just as the LCS has announced that they will permit fans to come to LCS playoff games.

Will the LCK Follow?

As mentioned above, the LCK has also had a spike in coronavirus related cases. Gen.G has been plagued by the virus, with Ruler being out and then star mid laner Chovy. The entire Fredit Brion team has had to sit out due to positive cases in their lineup as well.

It is likely that the LCK will also follow in the LPL’s footsteps, but there has been no official announcement yet, whether they will close the door to fans or move the rest of their spring split to be played remotely.

We will have to wait to find out whether there will be some changes in the situation. With rumours going around that the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational could be held in Korea, the Riot Korea officials probably don’t want to cause mistrust in their ability to handle the virus right now.