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Malphite confirmed candidate for visual updates!

Is Riot Making A Malphite Visual Rework?

Malphite Splash Art
Malphite is definitely in neeed of a VFX update. | © Riot Games

Malphite is one of the oldest champions we have in League of Legends, which makes him a valid candidate for a visual Update. This visual update may become reality as Reav3 confirmed that Malphite needs VFX changes.

During a talk on Reddit about the upcoming Udyr Rework, Riot’s League Gameplay Producer, Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles, was asked if we could expect the same changes also happen to Malphite. The reasoning for the question was that both champions were released around the same time and the Redditor also felt like Malphite was just getting worse.
 Reav3 then answered by saying that Malphite, although simple, is a fun champion to play and that instead of getting a Visual and Gamplay Update (VGU), a Art and Sustainability Update (ASU) would be more relevant for the champion.

What changes can we expect?

Something that we won’t expect from this information, are changes in Malphite’s abilities, these types of changes are related to VGUs. This means that, despite many seeing Malphite’s set of abilities as outdated and that Riot has been phasing out champions with point-and-click abilities, Malphite will still keep his Q (for now).

An Art and Sustainability Update, on the other hand, only deals with visual changes. This means that we can expect to see changes in Malphite’s looks, splash arts, animations and skins, which are really outdated.

An ASU compared to a VGU might not sound as exciting, but as we have seen before with other ASUs, like the one on Caitlyn, a visual upgrade can be a boost in player experience.

When it comes to what they will change specifically and how Malphite will end up looking, we do not know for certain yet. Malphite's visual design is pretty simple - he is a rock. And as a rock, there isn’t much you can do without changing the concept of the champion – unless Riot changes him to... the Rock. What we do know, however, is that Malphite did already have a visual update on Wild Rift. This means that Riot already has another version of Malphite accessible that they could potentially use for LoL as well.

With Malphite getting a potential Visual Update in the coming months, we think that more champions deserve some love from Riot, like Singed or our main girl Shyvana in the jungle. Though... she is in need of a whole rework if we're honest. Which champions do you guys think need some new visuals?