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New Enchantress Revealed: Renata Glasc

News 29-01-2022 06:44
Renata Glasc
"Wear Zaun’s unique beauty wherever you take it." | © Riot Games

Just like how Zeri was revealed with a short story on the League of Legends Universe page, the next champion to hit the rift Renata Glasc, was revealed the exact same way.

Only a little while ago a website called was linked to most of Riot's websites. This website gave us a very big teaser for the new champion coming soon! 

Glasc Industries - Don't Just survive - Thrive!

Glasc Industries
Don't Just Survive - Thrive! | © Riot Games

What do we know about Renata Glasc?

In the Champion Roadmap: September 2021 we learned about 2 new champions. Now we know that those are Zeri, and Renata. While Zeri was teased to be a fast paced revolutionary ADC, Renata is has been described as an independent enchantress, able to turn enemies against each other with deadly mind control.

In the roadmap we figured it would be some sort of bribe mechanic, because it mentioned money several times. However with the latest teaser, it's possible that these 'fragrances' or "scents' is what Renata uses to control her opponents. Either way, this champion is definitely going to impact the game in a big way, giving a power as big as mind control to a support champion, is no small feat.

Additionally in the new trailer we hear a few times about "limb replacements". This is probably hinting at a form of healing or shielding her allies, but it's interesting to note that the hand in Renatas photo matches the one on the website. This suggests That perhaps Renata has a replaced limb as well, could potentially lead to some gameplay mechanic, but at the very least it's a very cool design choice.

What is Renata's Story?

We obviously haven't gotten Renatas color story or biography yet, but we have a few details and can infer a few more. We know that Renata works with the Chem-Barons to help govern Zaun. It's also implied that as the owner of Glasc Industries she is incredibly rich herself. These two details suggest that Renata could very well be the first Chem-Baron champion.

We also know that Renata was tied to Arcane in some way, and this caused her release to be delayed to avoid spoilers for the show. When looking at similarities between the story of Arcane and Renata's teasers, we can deduce that the pink theme in Renata's artwork is likely closely related to Shimmer. In the show, Eye Color was a big detail the writers used to hint at the story. When someone encounters Hextech crystals their eyes turn blue, and when they encounter the mysterious Shimmer, they turn purple. In the image of Renata we can easily tell her eyes are a bright pink, just like in Arcane when characters had taken Shimmer.

One key difference however, is that Shimmer was a drug that you took to enhance yourself. It was incredibly addicting, and left hundreds of Zaun citizens unable to function without it. Renata seems to have taken Shimmer and transformed it into some form of Perfume or Fragrance. This could imply a lower dosage of Shimmer, or that it's easier to use. Either way, it will be interesting to find out the implications of Renata selling Shimmer to a wide variety of consumers in Zaun.

Renata GLASS
"Currently, she heads Glasc Industries in its next objective: redefining beauty through state-of-the-art technology." | © Riot Games

When will she come out?

While we have no official release date for Renata Glasc, we know she's coming soon. It's too soon for LoL Patch 12.3 which comes out on February 2nd. The earliest possible option is LoL Patch 12.4 which hits live servers on February 16th. This timeline is entirely possible given how quickly teasers for Renata have been coming out. But it's worth noting that an early March release is also pretty likely. Hopefully Riot wont make us wait too long for this badass new enchantress!

With all the information we've been given, we can tell Renata is a manipulative tycoon who uses her wealth and power to control others, literally. She looks incredibly cool in all of the image teasers we have, so she'll no doubt fit in amongst some of the most well designed champions visually.

The last time we had a mechanic introduced as dangerous as mind control, was Akshan's revive which ended up being fairly balanced. So let's hope Riot doesn't screw it up too bad.


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