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New LoL Ingame Option: This Has To Be The Worst Suggestion Ever

News 01-08-2023 15:40
Amumu Heartache and Heartthrob skin
This suggestion for League of Legends made Amumu very sad. | © Riot Games

League of Legends has two kinds of players. On one side, you have those who beg for surrender votes whenever they are unhappy about anything. On the other side, you have those who will never surrender, even when they are down 100 kills and trapped in their fountain while the enemy team is farming kills. Due to that, Riot has a hard job balancing out surrender options – and this suggestion made by a redditor is certainly not one they will use.

Currently, surrendering in League of Legends follows an easy pattern. On Summoner's Rift, you get to cast a surrender vote after 15 minutes of playtime. You will automatically add a vote in favor of a surrender, while all of your teammates get their own vote too. If four out of five players agree to the surrender vote, you immediately end the game on a loss.

These rules usually differ in fun modes, such as ARAM and URF, where you can already call for a surrender at eight minutes. This works out well because these modes are a lot more fast-paced than classic Summoner's Rift. 

If you face an AFK player on Summoner's Rift before hitting the 15-minute mark, you get to surrender the game as early as ten minutes. In Ranked, this also comes with a reduced LP loss, with the AFK player still losing the normal amount of LP. While Riot are trying to make the system fair for everyone, players keep making suggestions on what to improve. However, not all of these suggestions are great, as the following Reddit post shows.

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TH Jankos LEC Summer Playoffs
First Blood King Jankos would definitely appreciate the free wins. | © Michal Konkol/Riot Games

In a post that has been deleted since, a user made the suggestion to let teams surrender even earlier than 15 minutes – right after losing first blood. 

In ranked, first blood usually occurs very early due to the lack of coordination between five randomly matched players. With League of Legends players quick to tilt whenever things do not go their way, giving them a legitimate chance to surrender their games in the first three minutes – remakes excluded – is probably not a great idea.

This idea also does not resonate too well with the community. Many members of the League of Legends Subreddit were quick to point out that this may lead you into a never-ending cycle of champion selects.

Reading through the comment section, it quickly becomes clear that surrendering that early into the game is not possible for a reason. Not only would it break the mental fortitude of many players, it also does not resonate too well with the community as it would destroy any positive League of Legends experience.

Redditors were also quick to call out the negative mindset that would make a person ask for a surrender that early in the game. Others recommended to the now unknown poster to check out the live stream of former professional player Mads 'Broxah' Brock-Pedersen, who is well known for refusing to surrender regardless of the game state. Redditor AlbatrossNecklace was not willing to waste his time with too many words, as he only has one thing to say to his surrender-happy companion.

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