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Faker is just a monster

New Milestone Reached: Faker Has How Many Worlds Games?

LoL Faker
Faker is just a beast. | © Riot Games

Faker is the most decorated player in League of Legends history. There isn't much else to say about that, right? He's won everything and anything you could imagine and now he's broken another record, set another milestone on the world of League of Legends. 

Faker went his first World Championship back in 2013, that's a whopping 9-years ago already. That's who long he's impressed fans with his skills. So, what huge milestone has Faker reached now after so many years of playing professional League of Legends? 


Faker Sets New Milestone for Worlds Games

While players like Jensen hold records for consecutively making the League of Legends World Championship, Faker sets a new record for games played. T1, formerly known as SKT T1, have made it to multiple finals, semi-finals and won the whole thing three times already. 

On October 9, 2022 Faker faced Jensen and Cloud9 in their third group stage game. Not only was this game crucial for the standings, it was also Faker's 100th game at the League of Legends World Championship. The 26-year-old has set a new record and he even managed to stamp home a win in his 100th World game. 

Faker's Record on the Worlds Stage

Now playing 100 games is pretty impressive, but doing so successfully is even more impressive and we all know that Faker is far from being a slouch when it comes to his performance on the international stage, right? He's got a whopping 72% win rate on the Worlds stage going 72 - 28 in the span of 9-years. 

His numbers speak for themselves, playing 30 unique champions, having 347 total kills, 23 of them being solo kills. Seriously, this man is a machine and he continues to show it even as one of the veterans of the league. 


Faker at Worlds 2022

Thus far Faker has played three games at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. He showed up in the first game pulling out his Akali to decimate the 2021 World Champions EDG. He picked it a second time against Fnatic and faltered. 

T1 have a good chance of making it out of Groups if they keep up their momentum, but Group A is considered the toughest group with Fnatic, C9, EDG and T1 so anything can still happen. 

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