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New Report Features to be Added to LoL

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Will you be able to gain more honor? | © Riot Games

In the most recent Gameplay Update from League of Legends we get an update on the situation regarding honor and disruptive behaviour in League of Legends. What is Riot doing to try and dissuade players from getting mad and flaming during a solo queue match? 

Well, we've got the new Honor 5 recalls, as well as the skins you can pick up at the end of the season, but Riot is working on more features to try and make your games in League of Legends more pleasant. Let's quickly summarize the highlights and what will be done in the future to ensure you've got a good game in LoL. 


New Honor Skin Line Introduced: Three Honor Skins

So, until now you've always been able to gain either Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch, as well as chromas – new ones added each year if you've already got the skins – but Riot is making some new changes. The biggest being that they'll stop making new chromas, but instead add a whole new skin line. 

Similar to the Victorious skins which players can get at the end of every season, you'll be able to get a new Three Honor skin in the Honor Level 5 shop if you reached the final milestone of the Honor System. This along with the already implemented Honor recall seems pretty great, right? 

The first champion for the Three Honor Skin Line was announced to be Malzahar. Honestly, the skin looks pretty good and we hope that our favorites are going to receive some Three Honor skins in the future. Maybe, Seraphine next year?

Planned New Features to Combat Toxicity

In-Game Reports Coming to LoL

In the gameplay update, TimTamMonster, the Product Lead for Behavioural Systems, explained that they were looking at a few new features for the future of League of Legends. One of those being in-game reports being added to the game. This means that if a player is behaving in an unsavoury fashion, you'll be able to report them right away, instead of at the end in the lobby. 

We’re also finally going to be adding the ability to report players in-game, as soon as the disruptive behavior happens.

New Chat Features

Another key factor that could impact games is the ability to have in-game chats only for pre-made players. This means you'll be able to continue to talk with those you want to play with rather than with a toxic player that was added to your game. 

Players will also be able to avoid toxicity in the chat this way, if they are playing together with friends in a pre-made game. 

Play Together With Players You Honored

The final feature TimTamMonster touches upon is the ability to play together with others you've honored before and those who have honored you. There is a similar feature in Wild Rift that the League of Legends team can take from there or at least the idea. 

These are all a few measures Riot is taking to try and combat the toxicity which has plagues the game and scene for a while. Will you be picking up the new Three Honors skins or are you one of the players who can't seem to make it to Honor Level 5?