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Is this going to make people nicer?

New Feature to Combat Toxicity Added

More 08-08-2022 17:00
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What is Riot trying this time around? | © Riot Games

It wasn't long ago that Riot though removing all-chat from League of Legends would stop toxicity from taking over games. They have since tried to make 'being nice' more of a thing by adding extra bonuses for players who reach the final honour level in League of Legends and now a new feature has snuck onto the client and most players won't even know about it. 

In League of Legends Patch 12.14 we didn't just receive more skins for the Star Guardian event, but also a few quality of life changes as well... one of the changes went unnoticed though, but today we're going to clear it all up! 


Honor Feature Changed 

You might not have noticed and been playing the game as usual, but in the most recent patch update, Riot did make a change to the honor system in League of Legends. What did they update might you ask? Well, you're now able to see which players honored you after a game.

So, if you played together with a great ADC, gave him an honor, and once you're in the lobby only to see that you've also gotten an honor, you're able to check right away whether that ADC felt the same way about you. Did they enjoy your well-timed Neeko engages or was it your jungler that gave you that honor? 

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How to See Who Honored You

The way to check whether someone honored you is quite simple. After every single match you end up in the game lobby where you're able to see the damage output, vision score and much more of your team and opponents. It's also where you get to see if you got honored. 

So, if you did get an honor after your game of League of Legends, you simply have to hover your mouse over the honours and then you'll be able to see the names of the players who gave you the honor. It's that simple. Really. 


Whether this is going to help players be less toxic cannot be determined yet, but at least now players will know who gave them positive feedback on their play and we're all about positive reinforcement when it comes to League of Legends... right? 

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