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Off-Meta Builds - Rek'Sai is The Highest Winrate Toplaner

News 20-06-2023 18:15
Blackforst Rek Sai
In the lore, Rek'Sai is far bigger than the game would have you think | © Riot Games

The top lane is often called the island, due to its isolated nature from the rest of the map. It's also one where the gameplay is the slowest, due to the champions played not tending towards burst, like in the mid lane, and there only being one versus one, as opposed to the bot lane.

This causes the top lane to be the playground of quite a few off-meta champions and builds. We can all remember the annoyance that was Janna top. Now, a new contender has appeared from the jungle, Rek'Sai.

In essence, she currently has the best sustain in lane, with no champion capable of winning a trade against her. All she has to do is stack up her Fury, and then leave, with tunnels if necessary, then burrow to regain lost health.

And, due to the nature of the resource she consumes, there is no limit to this strategy. It's not as if it's mana that can be spent.

Rek'Sai Top - Runes

Of course, playing Rek'Sai top and in the jungle is quite different. Interestingly, though, the Primary Runes are the same, with only the Secondary ones being different.

  • Primary Rune Tree - Precision
    • Conqueror
    • Triumph
    • Legend: Alacrity
    • Coup de Grace
  • Secondary Rune Tree - Resolve
    • Second Wind
    • Overgrowth

The shards are rounded out with Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and depending on the matchup, Armor or Magic Resist, as the health shard just doesn't scale as well, even though the main runes themselves push towards lane sustain completely.

Elderwood Rek Sai Splash
Elderwood skins just don't miss | © Riot Games

Rek'Sai Top - Items

When it comes to items, currently, jungle Rek'Sai and top lane Rek'Sai build the same mythic, Stridebreaker. That is where similarities end, however, and the true nature of the Rek'Sai top can be seen.

  • Stridebreaker
  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Hullbreaker

These three make up the core of the build. They give Rek'Sai good wave clear, as well as incredible pushing power. The entire point of Rek'Sai top is to leverage her good early-game stats, which are geared towards clearing the jungle, towards taking fights.

No other champion will be able to out sustain you, giving you free rein over the lane, to snowball your advantage, by either pushing the lane, or roaming for objectives. Due to Rek'Sai's ultimate, squishy champions cannot hope to match you, while the playstyle has put the enemy toplaner so far behind, that their chances of doing so are even lower.

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