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PBE Issues: New LoL Item Has Caused Players To Get Banned

Dr. Mundo Skin Splash
Mundo shouldn't build this item guys... | © Riot Games

Riot is known for their weird game bugs in League of Legends. At the League of Legends World Championship some of the weirdest bugs have been on display for the world to see like Gnar's boomerang not following the laws of physics at all or Orianna's shockwave popping off somewhere completely different. 

Now we've got some weird bugs on the LoL PBE Server that is getting players banned for seemingly no reason at all. So, what can you do, and why is this bug even happening? Well some players think it could be a brand-new item Heartsteel that's going to be the key to solving this issue. 

Is The New LoL Item Heartsteel Getting Players Banned? 

In the 2023 Preseason Riot has introduced a bunch of new items like Radiant Virtue or Icathia's Endurance. Well one item in particular is causing issues and not because it's hella broken, but because of what it's doing to players after they build it. 

RossBoomsocks, a known content creator, experienced it himself when he and some fans all got banned for "use of third party tools or cheating programs" by the automatic cheating detection. This same issue popped up throughout the LoL PBE and some players suspect that it was those who built this new item or had a teammate or enemy in their game with the item.

Playing this champion might also get you banned

Riot is Aware of LoL PBE Ban Issues

On the Reddit thread in the LoL PBE Reddit, Riot replied, stating that they are aware of this issue and that they are looking into the cause of the ranom bans. At the moment of writing this article nothing official has been released yet and players will just have to open up a ticket with Riot to get their PBE Accounts back. 

We're currently aware of [the issue] and are working hard on a fix however I cannot provide any estimate for the completion date at this time. To avoid confusing or disappointing players, we try to only announce these dates when we are sure we can meet the arrival schedule.

If you've been banned, make sure to open a ticket and get your PBE account back. Hopefully this issue is resolved before the preseason goes live so you can enjoy some new content without worrying about getting banned for no reason at all.