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How long have you waited for a game before you gave up?

Player Breaks Record for Longest Queue Time in League of Legends

News 22-09-2022 16:30
Rusty Blitzcrank
The record holder after waiting seven days to play a game | © Riot Games

We have all had days when the queue time seems to be a bit slower than usual. Sometimes you can have a match found in a couple of seconds; other times, it can take several minutes, but have you ever waited several days for a game? 

What Is the Record for Longest Queue Time in LoL? 

The Turkish player under the username "TFT Champion" just broke the record for the longest queue time recorded in League of Legends. Not only did he wait for over a day in the queue, but he almost lasted for a whole week before he decided to close the client. The record was published on the player's own YouTube channel, and you can see the total queue time of 10,107 minutes and 46 seconds.

10,107 minutes is seven days in total. This means TFT Champion had the queue time running for a whole week before finally calling it quits. Now, you might be wondering if he actually had to wait that long to find players to play with, and the answer is: probably not. 

In the video, we can see that he, at one point, even tries to leave the queue, and the client doesn't react. Typical Riot, right? In this situation, we are, most likely, dealing with one of League of Legends' many client bugs. The Turkish player eventually ends the queue by closing the client in the top right corner.

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What Was the Past Record?

The past record we could find was from 2021 and was held by a player called RagingRocket on the EUNE server. 

Accoding to notagamer, RangingRocket managed to reach a total of 6,476 minutes before his client crashed. The EUNE player tried to queue up for a Normal Draft game on August 28, 2021, and ended up breaking the past known record. 

After waiting for around 60 minutes in the queue, he decided he would not leave the game and see if he could beat the record for the longest queue time at that point. RangingRocket actually wanted to reach a total of 10,000 minutes before leaving the queue. However, after waiting for 6,474 minutes, his client eventually crashed, and he posted the record on Reddit. 

Rarely do you have to wait longer than a couple of minutes before getting into the game, though it often happens that higher-elo players are put in over 30 minutes long queues. What is the longest time you have waited in League of Legends' queue?

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