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LoL: Five Reasons To Main Nami

News 01-08-2023 16:35
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Here are five reasons why you should main Nami |©Riot Games

She is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and has been nearly unchanged since her release in 2012 – Nami, The Tidecaller. Surely you have encountered her multiple times in the last years, especially during the era of the enchantment supports.

She might be easy to learn, but is incredible hard to master, so here are five reasons why you should main her, nevertheless. And now is the perfect time to do, since she will receive a buff in the upcoming patch.

LoL: Why You Should Play Nami

1. She Is A Very Versatile Champion And A Great Partner

Cosmic Destiny Nami Skin
Nami has great synergy with nearly every botlaner |©Riot Games

Nami is so much more than a healing champion and offers a wide variety of possible play styles, runes and item builds. She can heal, poke, enchant, engage and disengage with her abilities. She offers nearly everything an ADC can ask for. Also, she's a great partner for a ganking jungler and even empowers already fed allies and turns them into unbeatable in-game menace. 

Additionally, she works fine with nearly any type of champion, like ADC's, Assassins, Mages and even tanks. You surely met her at least once with one of her favorite partners – Lucian. This combo has mobbed their opponents for years now and still a viable pick for many games and matchups.

2. Empowering Allied Champions

As stated above, Nami is a great champ for nearly every bot lane champion, especially ADC's. Her heals allows your allies to stay longer on the lane, going a bit more risky while attacking your opponents or pushing the lane and to survive or withstand heavy enemy poke.

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With her E you can empower your allies. Their basic attacks will deal more damage and slow the enemy targets. You can even use it on yourself, then try to auto attack your opponents and use your bubble while they're slowed.

And since this kind of enchantment helps every champion there is in League of Legends, you won't be useless, even when behind. Also, the bubble and your ultimate are great followups to other allied crowd-control effects.

3. Few Bad Matchups On The Lane

Legends of Runeterra Nami
Nami's abilities are perfect for every laning phase |©Riot Games

Nami can be played in a dominating fashion, just try to poke your opponents constantly with abilities and her big basic attack range. Use Nami's E to increase your damage while doing so. You can even use the W to heal back some HP, while poking, if your opponents hit back. This way you can win nearly every poke battle and pressure some enemies away.

There are only a few bad matchups for Nami, and we guess you already know them – these damn hook champs and their all in potential. While Nami is great in enchanter matchups or against tanks and can even all in pretty well herself, enemy all ins are her biggest weakness, since she's squishy as hell.

In this case, you have to use her attack range wisely, to keep the enemy hook champs low, and use your CC abilities wisely. Most of the time, you will have only one try to hit a bubble, before champions like Blitzcrank or Nautilus can engage and hook.

4. Snowballing With Allied Champions

Nami feels incredible nice to play, once you have a fed ally in your team, especially ADC's, Mages or Assassins. Just give them your E, to even further increase their damage and watch them one-shotting every opponent in sight. 

Or work together with a more engage orientated tank and use your Q and R to follow up on their cc. This way you can create a cc-chain and the rest of your squad can follow up and deal the needed damage. With Nami in a fed team, there is simply no running away for the enemies.

5. The Satisfying Feeling To Hit A Bubble And The Upcoming Buffs

Urf The Nami Tee
Nothing feels better than hitting a long range bubble |©Riot Games

Well, we have to be honest here, this point is more from a personal point of view and has nothing to do with the strengths or weaknesses of the champion. But hitting a bubble is one of the most satisfying feelings in League of Legends, since it's a hard spell to git, especially in teamfights or smaller skirmishes.

As already described there are several ways how you can set up a bubble play. The easiest method is to use the E-ability on yourself or your lane partner and basic attack opponents, Once he's slowed set the bubble a few centimetres in front of him. 

Another way would be to engage with your ultimate, preferably over a short distance, and use your bubble while the enemies are knocked up. This way you can create a nice cc-chain and your allies have time to move and attack

And yes, according to Riot Games she will receive some buffs in the upcoming patch, so this would be another reason to main her. Nami's time is coming up, and she will destroy the bottom lane once more. Muahahahaha

So, there you have it, five and a half reason why you should main Nami, The Tide Caller.

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