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Red Bull League Of Its Own: Everything You Need To Know

News 24-11-2023 15:40

T1 has just won the Worlds 2023 and is coming to Europe, more precisely, to Germany. They will be facing off against several well-known LEC and Prime League teams there.

T1 worlds 2023 trophy lift
T1 just won Worlds are now ready for the true challenge|©Riot Games

T1 arrives in Europe on December 9th to compete against some renowned European teams. The tournament format dictates that each team will face T1 once, with the exception of EINS and BIG, who must first compete in a qualifier to determine which of them will go up against the reigning world champion.

Participating Teams and Expected Lineups


Faker Worlds 2023 finals match
Can Gods bleed?|©Riot Games

T1 is the superstar team that everyone is buzzing about at this event. The announcement for this event was made as early as September, and T1 managed to unexpectedly win the LoL Worlds. Therefore, the officially strongest team in the world will be going up against the European teams.

The roster will consist of Zeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, and Keria.

Team Heretics

Jankos Heretics 2023
Jankos has already beaten T1 in the past|©Riot Games

Team Heretics had a mixed record in the LEC, but they've prepared something exciting for their fans in the next split. The top side of the 2019 G2 roster is back under the Heretics banner, and the timing couldn't be more perfect for this event. G2's 2019 roster defeated SKT T1 at MSI 2019, securing the last Western victory.

The lineup is expected to include Wunder, Jankos, Perkz, Flakked, and Kaiser.


G2 has also competed at Worlds and is keeping their roster unchanged. The most successful organization in European eSports wouldn't miss such an event. G2 has already announced that they will be competing in 2024 with the same roster.

The lineup consists of BrokenBlade, Yike, Caps, Hans Sama, and Mikyx.

Karmine Corp

K Corp richtige Größe
KCorp are the new faces in the LEC|©Riot Games

Karmine Corp is the French fan favorite and has quickly built up a massive fanbase. The organization will be brand new in the LEC starting next year. While the roster remains uncertain, it may include the new LEC lineup.

This lineup is highly likely to feature Cabochard, Bo, Saken, Upset, and Targamas.


Eintracht spandau 1
EINS will have to fight for their match against T1|©EINS/Riot Games

Eintracht Spandau was founded by the German YouTuber HandOfBlood and has been playing in the first Prime League Division, the German National League, since then.

Rumors emerged three weeks ago suggesting that PowerOfEvil might be making a competitive comeback with EINS. POE has prior experience against SKT T1, nearly defeating them at Worlds while playing for Misfits. Hans Sama, who now plays for G2, was also part of that lineup.

Expected lineup: Vertigo, Zanzarah, PowerOfEvil, Fun K3y, Lilipp.


Berlin International Gaming is the winner of the current Prime League and a historic German team. They will play a qualifier against Eintracht Spandau to determine who gets to face T1.

The current roster consists of Vizicsacsi, Densi, Kamin, HARP00N, and Leon.


NNO is a team comprised of well-known German streamers like NoWay4U and Agurin. Agurin, in particular, has gained attention in recent months for reaching the number one spot on the Korean server's rankings.

Lineup: Tolkin, Agurin, NoWay4U, Broeki, Karni.

Please note that all rosters are subject to change, which would be unfortunate as past showmatches have seen roster changes, making those matches less interesting.

Where To Watch

Caedrel header
Caedrel will co-stream the event|©Riot Games

Tickets sold out within three hours, but you can watch the event on the Redbull Channel on YouTube or Twitch. Additionally, Caedrel will be co-streaming the event.

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