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Is anyone even surprised?

Renata Glasc Nerfs in B-Patch 12.4

Renata Glasc
She's easy on the eyes and easy to play. | © Riot Games

Renata Glasc has been a little too good in the first week of play. Her W is just a tad broken and some of her damage reduction is too powerful in higher elos. Of course, this means that Riot will nerf her.

Just like they did with Zeri when she was released — her interaction with Runaan’s was just way too much — the Riot balance team has decided that Renata Glasc is in need of a few nerfs in a b-patch for Patch 12.4.

What Abilities Are Being Nerfed?

As mentioned above, the balance team will be nerfing some of her base stats, her passive and her W. Let’s go over these changes in more detail thanks to Blake “Riot Squad” Smith.

  • Base Stats 
    • Armor per Level +4 >>> armor per Level +3.5
  • Passive (Leverage)
    • Damage reduction 1-5% for both Hits >>> Damage reduction 1-3% for both Hits
    • Damage reduction stagnates after Level 11 (will not increase after this level)
  • W (Bailout)
    • Cooldown 28-20 seconds >>> Cooldown 28-24 seconds
    • Reduce duration of burndown from 3 seconds>>> 2.5 seconds
      HP at revive 35% >>> HP at revive 25 %

Her passive was adjusted for future high elo and pro play. Let’s be real guys, anyone in Silver and lower doesn’t even bother reading what a champion's passive does, right? So this really isn’t a change that will impact players in lower elos.

Now, Riot doesn’t have the greatest history with zombies in their game. Let’s not forget that they just removed the Chemtech drake — granted it was more due to the map than the actual soul, but still. So, of course, Riot will have to work to adjust some of her power.

Will Other Abilities Get Buffed?

For now, those are all the changes that Renata Glasc will receive. When asked whether her E will get a buff though, Riot Squad did say that once Renata has stabilized they could look to buff her E since it’s a good place for general power.

Her Q is actually super fun and interesting since it’s a movable stun and players haven’t really complained about the ability so it will likely stay as is in the future as well.

What would you have changed on Renata Glasc? Does her W feel OP? She does have a pretty decent win rate of 51-53% right now. Let’s see whether these changes will drop her win rate down to around 50%.