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After a heavy community backlash

Riot Announces Changes For Ultimate Skin After Fan Backlash

News 13-07-2023 12:47
Soul Fighter Samira Splash
The Ultimate skin for Samria will get some adjustments |©Riot Games

There are some good news for every ADC and Samira main. After the heavy community backlash against the Soul Fighter Samira "Ultimate Skin", Riot Games has announced changes to it. There will be several graphical adjustments. 

Changes for Samira Ultimate Skin

Apparently the big community backlash about this season's Ultimate skin, Soul Fighter Samira, was heard by LoL developers Riot Games. As posted on the League of Legends Subreddit, there will some changes to the skin. This was announced by Riot's QA Engineer "Bagel Socks" on Twitter as well. 

According to the announcement, these following changes were made:

  • All SF Samira-based damage now triggers the unique damage numbers. Items and special buffs still use the base damage numbers.
  • Adjusted the threshold for her taunt to be: 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, & 18.
  • Added a bit more flare to the Recall for a little more spice, as well as her Respawn.
  • Added a bit more flare to her auto-attacks to give a more powerful feel.
  • Added a special burst of flames and sparks when landing the killing blow on a minion.

It's nice to see that Riot is reacting to the community feedback. The Skin needed some adjustments to make it feel more "unique". The new damage numbers and recall animations are providing just that. It will be interesting to see how the "special burst of flames" might look like.

It will be also exciting to see how the community is going to react to these changes, and if the backlash will be smaller now. Some people are still complaining about the high price of the Ultimate skin, and even the changes didn't make it worth in their eyes.

For example, the user "merogaming", who wrote the following and got a big amount of upvotes:

Im willing to pay around 2500+ RP at best. It's really good, but nothing about it justifies the price.
Not only that, but you're also lowering the standards you yourselves set for previous skins just to raise the price on this one. That's a very shitty business practice.

Let's see if Riot is willing to change their pricing policy in regard to the Soul Fighter Samira skin. It's very unlikely, to say the least.

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