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The ticket sales for the LEC Finals were rather chaotic and many fans are furious about the outcome.

LoL Fans Furious About The Worst LEC Finals Ticket Sale Ever

Esports 13-07-2023 11:32
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Fans are furious about the LEC finals ticket sales | ©Riot Games

Selling out massive arenas and stadiums is nothing new for League of Legends and its developers, Riot Games. Long term fans of the LoL Esports landscape knew that tickets for the big events are usually gone very quickly.  Now, the ticket sales for the LEC finals in France happened and fans are furious about their experiences.

Fans Furious About Worst Ticket Sale Ever

This weekend, the group stage phase of the LEC is about to start with the Match between MAD Lions and Excel. It will be interesting to see which teams are gonna qualify for the playoffs and the LEC Finals.

The Finals will take place from September 8th to 10th in Montpellier, France. Now the tickets sales for this event started and as usual the run for them was huge. According to a popular Subreddit, the tickets were gone after just 5 minutes.

This fact and some other aspects are leading to a massive fan outrage on the League of Legends Reddit. In the post, the user "VK62" shared his experiences with the sale. They were rather negative to say the least.

I was ready for it, I clicked the link at 5PM like announced. We had ZERO information about price, hours, seats, nothing. I got placed into a queue for 15 minutes, only to find out that everything was sold out.

This explanation was followed by criticism against Riot and their information behavior about the ticket sales:

I can't even support my team in my OWN country. I was 12 seconds late and it was enough. What is this? Why is it scuffed like that? At least give information for people to plan ahead. This is disgusting.

Needlessly to say, that Reddit was ignited in minutes and many more people were sharing their experiences with the current ticket sale and sales in the past. And some of them even called this year's ticket sell the worst one ever.

Community Reactions

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Many more people experienced the same problems while trying to buy tickets. | ©Riot Games

"VK62" wasn't the only one with bad impressions from the sale, and many more users are sharing their thoughts about it in the comment section. Especially, the role of so-called "scalpers" was pointed out. ("Scalpers" are buying big amounts of tickets, sometimes with the help of bots, to resell them for higher prices.)

For example, the user "CloudyZer0_0" wrote: 

MSI Tickets were sold out in 5 minutes, After 10 minutes there where scalpers selling them. Worlds won't go better, the problem is here from years.

Or the user "Fabton12", who wrote:

My guess is riot didnt say much info before hand to try and slow down Scalpers, if they had all the infomation early then scalpers could grab all the tickets even quicker since they would have the bots be first in the door ready with all the info needed (some ticket selling websites bots can buy tickets before they even go live if they have enough info).

It will be interesting to see interesting to see how and if Riot Games is reacting to the current situation. The problem with scalpers in well known across different sports and other events as well. 

But as long as all the tickets are getting sold and the stadiums are full, there won't be much pressure on the company to find a solution that benefits the long term fans. "First come, first served" might still be the motto for the next few ticket sales as well.

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