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Riot Banning Spree: Is Your Account in Danger

News 26-07-2023 01:00
Inkshadow Yasuo
Even the inters should be safe for now | © Riot Games

Ever since season 13 started, we've noticed an increase in Riot punishments towards toxic players, with chat restrictions and temporary account suspensions. Is the trend going even further?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. We are about to see an exponential increase in permanently suspended League of Legends accounts, but if your only infractions are chat related, there shouldn't be much to worry about aside from the usual!

Why Did Riot Ban Your Account?

A trend has popped up on Twitter recently, with an increase in players complaining about their accounts being permanently suspended for the use of cheating or third-party programs.

Taric Emerald
No easy way to blast to the new Emerald rank | © Riot Games

And, for players that are certain they've never used any, it came as a shock. A Rioter tweet, however, explained why this trend was happening:

"We've started to more action botted accounts in League beyond our traditional scope - this includes accounts that were botted as far back as a year ago. We had a bug where the Game ID was not being listed as the botted one - this should be fixed moving forward."

In essence, League of Legends considers bought accounts that are leveled via botting to be the use of third-party programs, as they rightfully should, and have now implemented a new way of detecting and banning them.

It doesn't matter if you've bought the account, and played it the same way as anyone else, the fact that bots were used to level it until level 30, which takes around 150 to 200 games, means those games were ruined for anyone trying to play and learn the game for the first time.

And seeing as season 13 has become notorious due to the new MMR practices placing smurfs in a lot of average games, this new practice should curb the population of smurfs in games heavily!

However, as the Rioter pointed out, there is still a chance that some accounts can get flagged by the new system even though they've done nothing wrong. In such a case, you can turn to Riot support to help you unban your account!

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