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LoL: Riot Games Prepare For World Championship By Changing One Of The Most Hated Champions

News 25-07-2023 17:55
Worlds 2022 DRX Celebration by Colin Young Wolff
Reigning world champions DRX are unlikely to qualify for the 2023 World Championship. | © Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

The summer playoffs in the major regions are just around the corner, and teams from all over the planet are fighting for a ticket to the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. To prepare a broader champion pool at the tournament, Riot Games are now changing one specific candidate who tends to drown the opposition out more often than not.

Patch 13.15 is the first patch in line to create an exciting meta for the 2023 World Championship. On this patch, Riot are looking to get balance outliers back in line to make for an even playing field ahead of the LEC Season Finals. The LEC will be the only major region playing their playoffs – in this case called season finals – on patch 13.15. 

One of the most popular outliers in the previous patches was Kai'Sa. She benefitted a lot from the return of Statikk Shiv, with the item being flexible enough to be integrated into her exotic AP builds. The Daughter of the Void is set to receive some substantial nerfs that look to get her back in line with the other marksmen. However, she is not the only infuriating champion that Riot wants to tap down a bit – K'Sante is set to receive some changes too.

Tank Bruiser Assassin Mage Support Hypercarry K'Sante Receives Big Changes Ahead Of Worlds Patch

K Sante Base Splash Compressed
It's Ntofo-ing time. | © Riot Games

While K'Sante will not yet feature on the next patch notes, Riot Games' Gameplay Design Lead Matt 'Phroxzon' Leung-Harrison has shared that they are looking to change the Pride of Nazumah ahead of the World Championship. 

While he has not yet shared any details, you would not be wrong to believe that he might receive changes similar to Ornn during his reign of terror in the 2018 season. Back then, the Forge God lost his W – Bellow's Breath shield and had other mechanics adjusted multiple times.

After a quiet release during the 2022 World Championship, K'Sante has been a quiet addition to League of Legends before the LoL Esports season 2023 started. When the competition started off again, K'Sante proved to be a dominant champion with extremely efficient tools to his disposal. In fact, he was so strong that even Showmaker could not contain his frustration over K'Sante...

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