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"They Count This As Communication" - Tyler1 Weighs in on Awful LoL Season 13 Start

More 12-01-2023 17:45
Tyler1 season 13 start
Tyler isn't happy with the way the LoL Season started. | © Tyler1

League of Legends had a pretty horrible start to Season 13. First, players got almost no news on upcoming champions, reworks, events or game modes for the upcoming season, then the long-awaited LoL cinematic was a complete bust. This was the final straw to an already strained relationship between players and the company, and everything went downhill from there. 

Content creators and pro players weighed in on the issue as well, voicing their opinion on the lacklustre start to the season. 

Tyler1 Describes Lack of Communication An Issue Right Now

Tyler1 played his first placement games when the ranked season dropped on stream. During this stream he expressed his honest opinion on the start of the season and how Riot has handed the situation, namely the tweet in which they explain that "unprecedented circumstances" forced them to release the cinematic they did. 

Many fans felt that they would not have been as upset with the trailer, nor other things like lack of game modes and events that aren't glorified item shops, if Riot had just communicated from the start about their internal situation. 

Tyler1 has a similar sentiment, reading the thread on the official League of Legends Twitter and stating that "[Riot] could’ve just not even tweeted this and communicated with us. I guess they count this as communication, but technically their ‘communication’ is just telling us they should have communicated more, it’s literally all it is." 

This is a sentiment shared by others on Twitter as well, who are still waiting for an official reason behind the horrible start to the season and the lack of information given to fans. 

Tyler1 also wondered what has been going on with the LoL team behind the scenes since the preseason was two months, but during this time there was almost no change to the game at all. Of course, we can only assume that the team has been working on bigger changes behind the scenes, but usually the 'big changes' would be implemented during preseason

There’s not changes in the game. Except for day one, there’s barely been any changes in the game at all for two months.

Many fans feel the same way as the streamer and some have even stated that they are not motivated to play the game, because of the lack of new content in the game. Sentiment around League has never been this low, so Riot is going to have to bring something big to the table once more for fans to feel validated and motivated to play again. 

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