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Riot Games is on the case!

Riot Finally Addressing FPS Drop Issue for Players

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Ever encountered problems with issues with your FPS while playing League of Legends lately? Riot Games is finally acknowledging the problem and is looking for a way to fix it by reaching out to the players.

Several players have had an issue in League of Legends and/or Teamfight Tactics lately. The FPS drops suddenly at around minutes 5-10 and continues to stay low or unstable for another five minutes. 

This is, of course, a very infuriating thing to have to deal with, especially if it happens on a regular basis. But, lucky for us, it looks like Riot Games is aware of the issue and wants help from the players to solve it

On Reddit, RiotTony came out explaining that the League of Legends team was aware of the FPS issue many players were having but that they were "unable to reproduce this issue internally." 

Since they could not reproduce the bug, they were not able to directly identify the cause of the problem, meaning they also couldn't solve it. 

Because of this, the team is now asking the players who are encountering this issue to share some information with them here.

What Information is Riot Games Asking for?

To identify the issue, Riot Games is asking for the following information from the players encountering the problem: 

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • GPU driver version:
  • Reproduction rate: (e.g., every game or once every ten games)

RiotTony also asks the players to send the .rpd file just after a player has played a game where they experienced the FPS drop. 

The rpd file is a file storing information about the last game per frame and can be found in "League of Legends/Logs/Performance Logs/

The following details are not required, but Riot Games believes that this information might help as well: 

  • What overlays are you running (Blitz etc.)?
  • Did running the game in DX9 mode help? (You can do this via settings/Game/Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode)
  • Did running with SMT/Hyperthreading turned off help? Y/N

Having FPS problems is always annoying, and it is good to see that Riot Games is on the case to solve the issue. 

If you are still encountering the issue, you can always play Yuumi until the problem is solved... 

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