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Two birds with one stone!

Riot Games Partnership With Microsoft Allows For Game Pass Rewards

Riot Showcase
The best thing to happen since sliced bread | © Riot Games

It was at the Bethesda and, more importantly, Xbox showcase that it was officially confirmed that Riot Games are partnering with Microsoft in a bid of mutual benefit.

The partnership in question focuses mainly on the usage of the Game Pass in all Riot Games titles, as that is the most practical effect the player base will get to experience. But, what exactly is going on, and what does that mean for League of Legends?

What Rewards Will the Game Pass Give in League of Legends?

It seems that the main purpose of this partnership is using the vast player base of each community and intermingling them to create new, beginner, players or both.

To corroborate this claim, here is what Marc Merrill himself said on the subject:

"Today, Riot Games and Xbox announced that Riot’s biggest titles are coming to Game Pass this winter. We’re bringing together two of the biggest communities in gaming onto one platform."

Pool Party Skins
It will all be worth it for the pool party skins | © Riot Games

To achieve this, and ease new players into League of Legends,  game with a steep learning curve and an enormous number of champions to earn and then learn to play, the Game Pass will unlock all League of Legends champions for its subscribers, both the existing ones and all subsequent ones as they get released.

In, essence, the Game pass will give players content that is usually hidden behind, toughly, one thousand hours of grinding, or hundreds of dollars.

Game Pass - Other Rewards

Aside from unlocking all champions in League of Legends, allowing beginner players to experiment and quickly find their favorite champions to play and main, the Game Pass will also provide additional XP, for new players to catch up.

However, League of Legends is not the only Riot Games title that will be part of the Game Pass. Instead, it will include every other title as well:




Wild Rift

All champions unlockedMobile
ValorantAll agents unlockedPC
TFTSelect Little Legends UnlockedPC and Mobile
Legends of RuneterraFoundations Set UnlockedPC and Mobile

Now, the only issue that remains is the fact that, should players unsubscribe from the Game Pass, or it expires, players will lose access to all champions the Game Pass unlocked for them.

This, of course, becomes an issue should players buy skins for champion unlocked by the Game Pass, only to lose access to them later on.

Riot Game have not made an official statement regarding this, though the problem may be more overblown than it should be. After all, should players invest in champions to such an extent s to buy their skins, then it is simple to by them with BE later on, or even RP, if they choose to discontinue their usage of the Game Pass.