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How much did they want from Riot?

Riot Games' Ransom Letter Leaked to Public

News 26-01-2023 16:20
Pulsefire Ekko
This story just keeps getting wilder and wilder. | © Riot Games

Ever since Riot revealed that they'd been hacked and the perpetrators even went as far as to demand ransom for the stolen information, things have just heated up. This is not something out of a movie, but real life and we're all bearing witness to it. 

According to Vice, Motherboard obtained the ransom letter that had been sent to Riot demanding a huge sum of money for the source code that had been stolen. 

A Ransom of $10-Million was Demanded for LoL Source Code

The ransom letter started off with a simple "Dear Riot Games" and went on to demand the company pay them $10,000,000 for them to destroy and return the stolen code. The best part? Those demanding the ransom called this number "a small request", which let's be honest it probably isn't got a multi-billion dollar company like Riot, but it's still hilarious to think of it like that. 

To prove that the ones sending the information and demand for ransom had the code, they added large PDFs with proof. The hackers also stated that they did not wish to harm Riot's reputation, but are solely looking for financial gain in this whole situation. 

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They also gave Riot Games a time limit of 12-hours to comply with their wishes or they would take their information public and sell their code elsewhere. 

We have obtained your valuable data, including the precious anti-cheat source code and the entire game code for League of Legends and its tools, as well as Packman, your usermode anti-cheat. We understand the significance of these artifacts and the impact their release to the public would have on your major titles, Valorant and League of Legends. In light of this, we are making a small request for an exchange of $10,000,000

According to YouTuber Ryscu, the hackers have done just that and even put the code online for auction, with the lowest bid starting at $1,000,000. We thought this stuff just happened in Hollywood movies, but it seems that it's actually happening in real life right before our eyes. 

Riot is working with authorities to catch the people behind the hack, but thus far nothing has been revealed yet as to who this group is and how exactly they managed to crack Riot's systems with a mere social engineering attack. Riot has also stated that they will expedite work on their new anti-cheat that had already been announced for 2023. 

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