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In Riot's new pride month trailer, you might just get a glimpse of Ahri's new ASU

Riot Leaks Ahri's ASU

News 01-06-2022 13:40
Arcana Ahri
Ahri is getting a new look. How exciting. | © Riot Games

Riot already confirmed that Ahri was getting a visual overhaul, but it seems they might have leaked it ahead of time. In the new pride Month trailer, we catch a small look at the new and improved Ahri.

Riot Leaks Ahri's ASU In New Trailer

For the month of June, Riot Games released a new trailer celebrating pride month. In this trailer, you can see all the new content coming to all of their games. Fans quickly noticed something different about Ahri. 

Right at the end of the trailer, you can see 5 champions running off in different directions, one of them being Ahri. Some people noticed the fact, that she looked a bit different and were quick to point this out. One of these people was Terty, who made a quick side by side comparison of the Ahri in-game and the one in the trailer.

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In his side by side, you can clearly see all the changes. The Ahri in the trailer looks a lot brighter and not so rugged on the outskirts. Her tail isn't as fluffy and more white compared to the one she has now. Even her clothes got a slight color change, with her red arm sleeves going from a dark red to a much lighter, more pinkish tone. 

Most notably, her ears are missing! We assume this is because Riot hasn't finished the update yet – at least we hope that's the case. Ahri's ears are one of her most well known and liked features, so Riot wouldn't dare removing them. That could cause all kinds of outrage in the LoL community. 

When Will Ahri's ASU Be Released?

Riot has only confirmed the ASU and that it would hit the Rift some time in 2022. When exactly in 2022 is not known, but with this leak coming out, a lot of people have speculated about the when. Terty mentions late 2022 in his video, but we expect it to hit the Rift a lot earlier. Maybe this leak will accelerate the process for Riot. Until anything substantial comes out, all assumptions are just guesses at this point. But it looks like Riot has to still implement some of the finer details to Ahri's ASU, mostly her ears at this point. 

Riot has enough to do with the upcoming release of Bel'Veth. But let us know what you think of the changes so far and if you're excited for Ahri's ASU.