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Riot Making Key Adjustments To LoL Arena In Patch 13.15

News 26-07-2023 16:20
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Riot will make key adjustments to the Arena Mode in the upcoming patch |©Riot Games

The Arena Mode in League of Legends might be one of the most interesting additions to the game in years. Players all around the world are enjoying the new LoL experience and trying to figure out the meta for the new game mode.

Now Riot has announced to make a key adjustment for the mode in the upcoming 13.15 patch. This one will solve, what some players saw as a huge problem, and might "nerf" some of the more cheesy champions.

Summons And Pets Will Get Damaged In The Fire

Heimerdinger was for sure the most annoying champion in the first days of the new Arena Mode, and many players complained about his insane damage and surprising durability. Another problem, pointed out by the community, is that Heimerdinger's turrets don't get damaged in the fire. This led to many "cheesy" plays and enraged players. 

The same goes for Shaco's boxes and Zyra's plants. All of this got pointed out in a thread on the League of Legends Subreddit. Now, Riot has reacted, and announced to introduce changes for the Arena Mode in the upcoming patch 13.15.

According to "RiotMaxw3ll", Lead Modes Designer at Riot Games, pets and summons (like Zyra plants) will take damage in the fire, from patch 13.15 onwards. Also, the fire will add grievous wounds to keep strong healing champions from just standing in the death zone.

We're currently prepping a change for 13.15 so pets + summons will take damage in the fire. It will additionally add ramping grievous wounds to keep people from perma healing inside it.

It will be interesting to see, how these changes might impact the win rate of champions like Heimerdinger or Zyra and if they will be still viable after patch 13.15. Also, how all the other change might look like, since it will be the first real "patch" for the arena mode in general. 

Some meta changes would keep the game mode a live and interesting. 

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