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After Clash broke down, players were furious

Riot Promises Compensation for Clash Bugs

League of Legends Clash
Clash broke down this weekend, but will Riot fix it? | © Riot Games

This is the second time within a week that Riot is forced to promise players some form of compensation. Just a few days ago the servers in South America, North America, Brazil and Oceania failed and now during the most recent Clash Tournament fans were also disrupted pretty heavily. 

The most recent iteration of clash was filled with bugs, meaning players couldn't get their rewards and other glitches marring the experience, Riot has released a statement, promising to compensate players affected by these bugs. 


Clash Compensation Incoming

Clash is a pretty fun game mode in which players can band together for two weekends to create their own team and compete against other players. The Shadow Iseles Cup was on the 23 and 24 July 2022, but the event was wracked with outages and bugs which left fans unsatisfied and pretty annoyed. 

Some fans weren't able to get their rewards after clash, while some couldn't even compete since the system kept telling them they were already in a team. This meant that some players had no chance of playing, wasting time of their weekend which they might have set aside to try their glory at Clash. 

Other players also bought tickets for Clash which they couldn't use, basically throwing money Riot's way without gaining anything from it all. Of course, these frustrations boiled over and players went to Twitter to express their grievances and Riot Brightmoon, executive producer of League of Legends answered fans. 

I know some of you had issues with Clash yesterday - we are looking at addressing the root cause and will provide Clash refunds for those impacted.

How Will Players Be Refunded? 

At first it seemed like players would only be getting refunds, which would come in the form of Blue Essence or Riot Points. This has upset many fans, which prompted Riot Brightmoon to go to Twitter once more, stating that those who didn't receive their trophies and clash rewards would also be getting their rewards for winning.

So, everything has been settled with players getting reimbursed, as well as receiving all the rewards for winning and competing in the Shadow Isles Cup. Now, the next tournament is set to kick off August 3 and 4, 2022. Are you guys ready for the Zaun Clash tournament?