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This is fire!

Riot Reveal Collaboration with Jackson Wang

Empyrean Jax
The anthem for the Empyrean skins has been revealed! | © Riot Games

For the League of Legends World Championship opening ceremony a bunch of artists had already been revealed. One of the performers was a headscratcher though, but now Riot has finally shown all their cards. 

With the release of the brand-new Empyrean skin line, Riot has also flexed their collaboration fingers once more. Earlier this year it was Porter Robinson who helped create a beautiful song for the Star Guardian universe, while for the World Championship Lil Nas X took center stage. Now Jackson Wang also gets his turn. 


Riot Reveal Official Empyrean Cinematic

Riot released the official Empyrean cinematic on YouTube just days ahead of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship finals. The song for the cinematic was performed by none other than Jackson Wang who is part of the 7-member K-Pop group Got7. 

Jackson Wang was also previously announced as a performer at the Worlds finals and with the release of the Empyrean cinematic it makes sense why he was invited and just what he is going to be performing. Hopefully the opening ceremony will feature the same colour scheme and dark aesthetics as the cinematic. 

Hopefully she won't be appearing at the Worlds opening ceremony:

Fans Reaction to 'Fire to the Fuse'

Fans online seem to really like this new collaboration. The song is great an get's people hyped for these new skins and the new aesthetic. Of course, the Lux cameo at the end had some people chuckling as well. 

Some fans even think that this should have been the anthem for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. If you hated or loved the anthem it has surely grown on you by now, with the amount of times it gets played throughout the broadcast though, right? 

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