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Fans Celebrate New In-Game Feature

Patch Notes
Yone Seraphine and Nidalee
Finally Riot is doing something positive. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is known to be one of the most toxic games on the internet. A single mistake can lead to pure and utter madness on the rift with blame being thrown left and right. Some pretty nasty words get said and in the end everyone is mad, pissed off and playing worse than before. 

Well it seems like this cycle of toxicity could be coming to an end with a brand-new in-game feature that Riot has added into the game with League of Legends Patch 12.20. Will it actually help keep the game from becoming too toxic or is this another wasted effort? 


New Behavioural System Update in LoL

We scroll through the League of Legends Patch 12.20 patch notes and see the usual, Aatrox nerfs, Jayce buffs and item updates, but then we get to one curious heading... Behavioural Systems. What is Riot doing now? Well, for once they might have actually done something good that the community can celebrate. 

They've added in a system which will detect zero-tolerance language and will mute anyone who uses excessive amounts of it. So, if you're flaming your support for missing a Thresh hook, then you'll be muted. And you also won't be able to see what the rest of your team is writing about for the rest of the game either. The only way to communicate will be through pings. 

Zero-tolerance language will now be detected live and in-game. When detected, these messages will not be sent to other players, the offending player will be system muted, and all players will be notified.

Feeders Will Be Punished harder

Riot explained that they've also added a stricter algorithm to solo and duo queue when it comes to feeding detection. Riot has explained in their patch notes for LoL Patch 12.20 that they are more confident in their automatic feeding detection, so more players could be seeing time-outs due to their bad behaviour.

Fans have celebrated this step to try and make League of Legends less toxic, especially the chat mute function that happens automatically has seen a lot of positive feedback on Twitter. Will this keep people from being toxic? Not at all, but it sure makes playing alongside someone toxic much better.