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Showmaker Reacts To K'Sante Copypasta

News 13-07-2023 17:52
DWG KIA showmaker
Showmaker has reacted to the meme, he created |©Riot Games

K'Sante was everywhere in pro play and higher elo games. So it's just natural that the Twitch chat will react to this situation, usually with memes and the so-called copypastas. One meme regarding K'Sante has reached legendary status in particular. 

This meme was created by Esports pro Heo "Showmaker" Su. Now he has reacted to this meme in an interview.

Showmaker Reacts To "His" K'Sante Meme

Mid lane legend and current Dplus KIA player Heo "Showmaker" Su has reacted to the meme he more or less created about K'Sante, during a stream. The meme has become one of the biggest in recent years. It has gotten so far that the Twitch chat had to be made "emote only", to prevent further spamming.

We're pretty very sure you know the meme already, but here it is one more time:

K'Sante👤4,700 HP💪329 Armor🤷‍♂️201 MR💦 Unstoppable🚫A Shield 🛡 Goes over walls🧱Has Airborne🌪Cooldown is only☝second too🕐 It costs 15 Mana🧙‍♂️

It was created during an outbreak by Showmaker about the LoL Champ K'Sante, in which he ranted about the current state of the character. Now he was asked about his thoughts on the meme in an interview.

So that speech was super improvised. I didn't come into the stream thinking, "Oh, I'm going to make a speech". I just happened to be playing solo q and K'Santa straight up hard-carried. So I freestyled the whole speech as stats popped into my head

He followed this up with an apology to the Champion, which got heavily nerfed since that speech. "I kinda feel apologetic towards K'Sante. I think my clout did play some part in K'Sante being nerfed," Showmaker said in the interview.

It will be interesting to see how the community will use the meme in the future. At the moment you can find it in nearly every professional LoL Esport stream and in a ton of different languages. It's safe to say that the meme has become bigger than the champion itself, especially after his nerfs.

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