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Skarner VGU: Can You Play Him In The Top Lane?

News 18-03-2024 16:27

The new Skarner has been revealed, and he looks like a Juggernaut! Usually these can be played really effectively in the top lane but does Skarner have that potential?

Skarner Concept Art 25
Skarner has some great new tricks! | © Riot Games

Skarner's VGU is right around the corner and there are already a lot of fans waiting for the reveal.

Some of these Skarner fans have been playing him top lane with a very niche CC-driven role. Not saying that he was any good in the top lane, but I got stunned under tower a fair share by some really good Skarner's, so I think this deserves some attention.

LoL: Can The New Skarner Be Played Top Lane?

Earthrune Skarner Splash Art
Earthrune Skarner looks sick! | © Riot Games

Skarner's new kit doesn't look too bad actually and some of it might even make him viable in the top lane. 

His Q ability has a ranged effect that will come in handy when trying to last hit or poke-ing the enemy. His W is a great survivability tool for laning trades. The shield every few seconds can really make or break a fight. 

Unfortunately his E is kind of useless in the lane as you can never really engage onto an enemy from outside a wall or pin them against one. It is however, a great disengage tool when you are getting ganked. Disappearing through a wall can be a huge advantage if your enemy isn't Kayn or Talon.

Personally, I think he will not be good in the top lane. His Q and W are not enough to win against most bruisers, but there are certainly some match ups where he can lane. I think he is alright against tanks that want to trade a lot, but he won't necessarily win lane or become a threat in the side lane.

We will see how he performs once he is released onto the Summoner's Rift but for now we can only speculate. 

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