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Free win for Gen.G

Fredit BRION Forfeit LCK Match Due to COVID-19

Fredit Brion
Fredit BRION will not be able to take on Gen.G this week. | © Riot Games

Things have gone from bad to worse for Fredit BRION as they battle for one of the last remaining playoffs spots. T1, DRX, DAMWON KIA and Gen.G have all qualified already, but fifth place Fredit BRION will have to shake for a while longer.

Last weekend, T1 got their sixteenth win in a row against the struggling Fredit BRION team, who had to face off against the juggernaut that is T1 with their Challengers team, now things have gotten even worse for the esports org.

Fredit BRION Forfeit Match Against Gen.G

Not only has Fredit BRION not had the easiest schedule to end their regular season, facing off against T1, Gen.G and DAMWON KIA, but they’ve also been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their entire team had to be replaced by their Challengers team over the weekend, T1 sweeping the upcoming talent in two quick games. T1 didn’t pad their KDA or stats, quickly finishing off the team of youngsters.

Now, Fred BRION had to take it a step further and forfeit their Match on March 16, 2022 against second place team Gen.G. Not only has the main roster contracted the virus, but now their substitute players have also been infected.

Fredt BRION does not have enough players to play the game, which is why the LCK has decided that the game will be a forfeit, earning Gen.G an automatic win. This could have dire consequences on Fredit BRION though, who are currently in fifth place, a single win separating them from sixth place Kwangdong and kt Rolster.

The top six team make it into the LCK playoffs, so every point matters at this point and the loss could push Fredit BRION out of their playoff spot, if kt and Kwangdong win their next matches.

Why Was the Game Not Rescheduled?

With the incident happening so close to the LCK playoffs, the game could not be rescheduled, according to LCK officials. If a game cannot be rescheduled before the Thursday ahead of the playoffs — to percent teams from playing back-to-back or doubleheaders — then it will have to be cancelled.

Not only that, but the LCK cannot move their playoffs back, due to international events, like the Asian Games and the Mid-Season Invitational taking place. Therefore, Fredit BRION will have to bite into the sour apple and lose a valuable point.

The LPL has just taken measures to try and keep their staff and players safe by playing out the rest of the LPL Spring Split remotely, will the LCK follow suit ahad of the playoffs? What about the LCS and letting fans back into their Arena?