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TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble: Best Comps On The PBE

News 10-11-2023 15:05

The new TFT Set has been on the PBE for two days now and we looked at first statistics, to give you some ideas, what to play. 

TFT Set 10 Header
Which comps are in the charts?|©Riot Games

I looked at some statistics and searched the three comps, which are the easiest to hit, but also have a good win rate. For that, I needed comps at Level 8, which don't contain any 5 costs.

Those comps are of course not capped at Level 8, as it's easier to level up now, and also your headliner will bring you another option to put in at Level 9, because it gives an additional trait.

Best TFT Set 10 Comps

3. Samira Carry

Samira Carry
Top 3: Samira Carry|©Riot Games / MetaTFT

This comp is actually the hardest to hit out of the three, as you need a 3 cost champion at level 3. This comp is all around Samira, who can use AD items like Infinity Edge, Last Whisper and Giants Slayer. Thresh is your main frontline. 

2. Caitlyn Carry

Set 10 4 8 Bits
Top 2: Caitlyn Carry|©Riot Games / MetaTFT

Caitlyn can hit really hard, as soon as you got some 8-Bit stacks. Caitlyn uses Infinity Edge, Last Whisper and Giants Slayer well. You can also think about slamming a Rageblade on her, as this comp is pretty tanky with 4 Sentinels. Blitzcrank and Ekko are your main tanks.

1. Lulu Carry

Set 10 6 Sentinels
Top 1: Lulu Carry with 6 sentinels|©Riot Games / MetaTFT

This combo is a little reminiscent of the Soraka / Neeko comp in the last set. Just an ultra tanky frontline and then a scaling damage dealer.

You should use Archangel Staff for Lulu, so she scales up and can solo carry your team.

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