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TFT Set 10: The Best Level 8 Comps

News 21-11-2023 02:00

It's the first day of TFT, but there are already some statistics. In this article, we will show you the most broken comps, so you can abuse the chaos of a new set for climbing ranked.

TFT Remix Rumble Header
TFT Set 10: Remix Rumble is here|©Riot Games

We're about to dive into the top three TFT team compositions that have been rocking the meta. These strategies consistently score high placements in the game, and they each offer a unique gameplay experience. From the explosive Katarina Headliner (Crowddiver) to the soothing rhythms of Bard Headliner (Jazz), and the powerful Executioner Roll, these comps have their own strengths and challenges. So, let's get into the nitty-gritty of these strategies and find out why they're so effective in TFT!

3. Katarina Headliner (Crowddiver)

Katarina Carry
Katarina Carry|©Riot Games / MetaTFT

This comp is the easiest to hit, but it's still extremely effective. With an average place of 2.51 in over 1000 games, this comp is most likely the best to climb with. 

You want Katarina as your Headliner. Country Katarina is fine as well, you can do Thresh instead of a Crowddiver to play 4 Crowddiver, 3 Country. 

The optimal items for Katarina are Spellcrit and Hand of Justice. She will get another Hand of Justice because of Supers.

You want to reach Level 6 asap and get your core items. Level 6, you want to roll for Kata. As soon as you got her level 3, she will just solo carry your whole game. 

2. Bard Headliner (Jazz)

Bard Headliner Jazz
The equivalent of the Soraka / Neeko Comp of Set 9.5|©Riot Games / MetaTFT

This comp aims for Jazz being as effective as possible. Bard is your primary damage dealer, while Neeko is your primary tank. As Bard also can heal his teammates, this comp reminds strongly of the Soraka / Neeko comp of last set. 

The best items for Bard are a mix of Spear of Shoojin, Adaptive Helm and an AP damage item. 

This comp has an average place of 2.23.

1. Executioner Roll

The best Level 8 Comp for Set 10|©Riot Games / MetaTFT

To place this comp at the first place is kind of cheating, as it's pretty hard to hit. 

But with an average place of 1.76, I just had to include it. 

Your main carry in this comp is Samira, but I suppose you could also go for Vex. The best items for Samira are Infinity Edge and Last Whisper.

You need to have an Executioner Headliner.

As soon as you hit Samira 3, this comp basically is stable enough to get you to all the other three stars and eventually a first place. 

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