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What to do when the client isn't opening?

The LoL Client is Down: What to Do

News 24-01-2023 18:50
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While Riot is off fighting hackers after a malicious cyber-attack on their servers, rendering their PBE build unusable for over a week, but it seems bad news seems to follow more bad news since the LoL client just isn't loading.

Riot hasn't made any official statement regarding the issues with their game client, but let's be honest, it's so and we're used to it being bugged, right? Right. Though, there are a lot of people complaining over on Downdetector


LoL Client Is Not Loading Properly

Players are able to sign in to the League of Legends client, but then they're just met with a black screen that isn't loading properly. This also means you won't be playing games and it seems that other services like TFT are also affected on their mobile app. 

Where To Check Server Status of LoL Client

You can go to the official League of Legends Support website, or their Twitter to find out more, but the last time the Riot Support Twitter was used was back in 2022 so good luck there. 

On the official Riot Support website, you can choose which game and your region, and what issues the client or the game is currently under. You can also just check Twitter in general to find other players also suffering from this LoL client not loading issue.

Unfortunately, there is no error code or way to try and fix this other than have patience. Maybe go outside, get some fresh air and touch grass and then get back to try and play some League after? 

More LoL content while you wait for the client to work again:

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