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The Tyler1 and Faker ship has ended

Tyler1 and T1 Part Ways

News 02-02-2022 16:00
T1 T1 and Faker
Will we ever see them together again? | © Riot Games

Tyler1 is probably the most famous streamer on Twitch. He's been a part of T1, a South-Korean esports org owned by Comcast for a while, but now they're officially parting ways. How did this happen though? 


How did the Tyler1 and T1 Partnership Start?

At first, it seemed more like a meme partnership, with Tyler1 often being abbreviated as T1 and well… the orgs name is also T1. In June 2019 T1 sent the streamer a packet of merch along with a small figurine of the streamer and Faker — the best esports player in ther world. 

Of course, the internet went wild and loved the running gag of T1 being part of T1. The running gag turned into reality though in October 2020 when he signed a contract as a content creator for T1. 

Since then, there have been a multitude of YouTube features uploaded onto the official T1 account, but also a few events. Tyler1 doesn't just have big lungs, but he's also got huge biceps, which is why they orchestrated a weightlifting competition — the Tyler1 Power Meet Highlights. 

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What is the Current Status of T1 and Tyler1? 

The contract between T1 and Tyler1 was a 1-yreear contract, which means it has since expired. Therefore, their collaboration has ended thus far, but we do think that Tyler1 and his 5-million followers can live without the esports org. 

T1 is also currently riding high with their LCK team going 6-0 in their first games of the Spring Split. Faker and his young ducklings are working overtime to keep their number one spot in the LCK, only to be followed by Gen.G who hold a 5-1 record. 

In a recent stream, Tyler1 explained that the departure from T1 was mutual between himself and the org. So guys, if you were hoping for bad blood and drama, then you've come to the wrong place. T1 even published a heart-warming goodbye video for the content creator. 

So, don't worry everyone and everything is fine. No drama. So just hop onto Twitch, watch as Tyler1 tries out some Zeri gameplay and hell, with his attempt at becoming #1 in the support position, you'll soon be able to watch some quality Renata Glasc content as well! 

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