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Which Skins Is Riot Thinking Of Porting Into League of Legends?

News 17-01-2024 16:15

Riot has given us some news about skin porting. Some people are big fans of the skins in Wild Rift and want them in our regular League of Legends. Last year we got redeemed Xayah and Rakan, but players want even more.

Crystal Rose Seraphine
This is a Wild Rift exclusive skin. | © Riot Games

League of Legends players ask for Wild Rift skins all the time. Since it's a mobile game and the skins don't require as much work as on the PC Version, Wild Rift can pump out a lot of skins very quickly. Most of them are good quality and in skin lines that we haven't seen in our normal League of Legends yet. 

Especially Seraphine and Gwen, Players are quite frustrated as the champions get more cosmetics in the mobile version than in our game. A comment from Rioter 100-pc-nuggets on the Riot Games Reddit AMA gives us some more information about what we can expect.

LoL: Are We Getting More Skin Ports?

Star Guardian Gwen
Star Guardian Gwen is also WR exclusive. | © Riot Games

In a comment on the Riot Games AMA, 100-pc-nuggets confirmed that they don't have any more ports planned at the moment. He clarified that they are always on the lookout which skins players are excited about in other Riot Titles like Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and TFT. He made sure to mention that they will still bring skins over in the future if the player interest is there for it. 

He also made the point that on PC League, the skin could clash with a previous skin thematic from a champions existing catalog because League of Legends already has so many skins. In that case, they wouldn't port those over. This does raise a question, though. Why did we get the Redeemed Xayah and Rakan skins when they already had existing Star Guardian skins?

Which Wild Rift skins would you like to use in League?

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