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Why All VGU Champions Should Be Re-Released With A New Skin

News 19-03-2024 10:40

I still remember the hype of Dragon Master Swain. Now, Skarner has received his VGU, but there isn't a skin in sight.

Sandscourge Skarner Splash Art 1
Sandscourge Skarner looks sick now! | © Riot Games

Do you remember when old Swain was still wandering through the Rift? Or when Volibear would flip you over his head? I still remember, but I also remember the hype when they were reworked. And back then, Riot thankfully brought out skins with those reworks. No longer. 

We Need More VGU Skins

Long before the Swain VGU was released, people were hoping for a Dragon Skin. Of course, Riot couldn't do this because they have already decided to completely change the champion. But due to popular demand, they decided to release the Swain VGU with this highly anticipated skin.

Dragon Master Swain
The release of this skin was so hype. | © Riot Games

Volibear was a little bit different. While Riot decided to share their concepts on how the new Volibear could look like, players took a liking to one of the concepts. It was so loved that Riot has eventually made that concept into a skin, which players that owned Volibear got for free.

Thousand Pierced Volibear skin
Thousand Pierced Volibear was initially a concept. | © Riot Games

The next few VGU's, Udyr, Fiddlesticks and Dr. Mundo, didn't get skins. Sure, Udyr already had an ultimate skin that could never be outdone, but the same can't be said for Fiddlesticks and Dr. Mundo. 

Now, Skarner has just received his VGU and once again has not received a new skin (which makes it over 1200 days since the last Skarner skin was released). Yep, it's been almost four years since his last skin, Cosmic Sting Skarner.

Personally I was a huge fan of VGU skins which showed that Riot was working together internally to bring a creative vision to the live servers. People loved Dragon Master Swain and A Thousand Pierced Volibear, and it just looks lazy that we are getting this new Skarner and nothing new to show with it. This would be a prime opportunity for Riot to bring us one of their special internal concepts, or just express another art direction.

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