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Champions can be unlocked by heightening their mastery score

Wild Rift Adds Much Wanted Feature in Ranked | Could This Work in LoL too?

News 05-09-2022 13:30
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Wild Rift is looking for ways to improve their Legendary Queue by foiling first-time picks. Could this be a viable option for the computer game as well?

Many of us know this feeling too well when you are in your promos, and someone decides it is a good idea to try out a new champion for the first time because they've heard it was an excellent counter-pick. Well, the Wild Rift team has had enough of it in some of their more competitive game modes and is now creating a new feature, making it necessary to reach a certain level on a champion before you start playing them in Legendary Queue.

The new feature was announced by Jared Berbach, the new game Director for WIld Rift, during their Patch 3.4 Preview. In the preview, Jared had this to say about the update: 

High ranking competitive players want to be confident that their teammates are playing their best champs.

The new feature will act as a gate for Legendary Queue based on a player's mastery score. Basically, in order to play a champion in legendary Queue, you have to play other game modes first to reach the required mastery score on that champion. Once that is done, you are free to play that champion in Legendary Queue as well. 

I, for one, am hoping this can avoid some first-time Yasuos.

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The upcoming feature also received some attention on Reddit, where fans are discussing if this could be an option for Solo/Duo Queue in League of Legends as well. While many are tired of having players first-picking in their ranked games and agree that this could be a viable option, others think it wouldn't make sense because some players are very adaptable to new champions and like to pick their champs based on their team's comp. 

It is important to note that these changes will happen on a Wild rift unique game mode called "Legendary Queue" and not on the normal Ranked mode. Compared to normal Ranked Queue, Legendary Queue is only available for players that have reached Diamond, and it has its own ranking system. 

What do you think about the new feature? Do you think it would be a good addition to your ranked games? Join us on Discord and let us know!

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