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Could this work for LoL as well?

Wild Rift Introduces Long-Desired Game Mode

News 19-09-2022 10:30
Crystal Rose Wild Rift Exclusive
Wild Rift often releases exclusive skins not available in the computer game | © Riot Games

Once again, Wild Rift beats League of Legends in updating their game according to their fans’ wishes.

On September 16, 2022, players on Wild Rift were introduced to a whole new game mode called Duel. Duel is a 1v1 game mode played in Wild Rift’s version of Howling Abyss. Aside from having the usual features we often see while playing 1v1 in a costume game in League of Legends, Wild Rift has introduced some additional features to make the match more interesting, like a shrinking circle.

This isn’t the first time Wild Rift seems to be faster with adding fan wishes into their game. For example, the Wild Rift client and certain champions have gotten upgrades after fan complaints and now look far better than the corresponding computer version.

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The Game Will Be Available for a Limited Time

Right now, the game mode is only available to play for a limited time, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they decide to bring it back if the fans like it. You can play Wild Rift Duel from September 16 until September 29, 23:59 UTC.

Wild Rift Duel - Rules

There are also specific rules applying to the new game mode in order to make it as fair as possible.

Before you start the game, you will be asked to pick the champion you want to play and ban two champions you don’t want to play against. Afterward, you will be queued up for a duel, which usually doesn’t take that long, considering you only need one other player in Duel compared to a classic game where you need ten in total.

Shrinking Circle

  • At minute 8, a circle will span that will shrink continuously.
  • The initial radius of the circle will cover the whole map
  • 30 seconds after spawning, the circle will begin to shrink
  • One minute and thirty seconds after spawning, Wild Rift explains the final radius is 5 meters, though it is hard to imagine what this means on our small phone screen if you haven’t checked it out yourselves.
  • If you walk outside the circle, you will continuously take damage until you go inside the circle again.
Wild Rift Duel
This is how a Duel looks like in Wild Rift | © Riot Games

To win, you have to either: 

  • Kill the enemy champion twice before the shrinking circle appears


  • Kill the enemy champion once after the shrinking circle appears

Other Rules

  • All champions are unlocked on Howling Abyss
  • Omnivamp is reduced by 50% against minions.
  • Different from the 1v1 we know from our costume games, you can recall to the fountain to purchase items.
  • Each player starts the game with 500 gold.
  • In Duel, Gold and experience generation are increased.

So far, many fans seem to love the new game mode and see it as an excellent opportunity to practice their 1v1 strategies. It will be exciting to see if League of Legends will ever come up with a similar game mode in the future or if this will be a Wild Rift exclusive game mode. 

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