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Will the french organization join the LEC?

Hans Sama Leaves Team Liquid - Could He Replace Rekkles in KC?

Hans Sama Rogue
Hans Sama has also been a part of Rogue | © Riot Games

After an unsuccessful split for Team Liquid, the LCS super team is looking to change its roster, and the French organization, Karmine Corp, has laid its eyes on the former LEC player, Hans Sama.

Team Liquid just came out of an disappointing year. The new roster was supposed to take NA by storm and be the new super team representing the region in Worlds 2022. But this did not happen, as the team went third place in spring 2022 and even failed to qualify for worlds in summer. Because of the unimpressive results, Team Liquid is looking to change its current roster, and according to Upcomer, Hans Sama is looking to return to Europe. 

Hans Sama Rumoured to Join Karmine Corp - Will KC Join the LEC?

Sources have told Upcomer that several teams in the LEC have shown interest in the French bot laner. Also, Karmine Corp, an organization currently competing in the LFL, has expressed some interest in the AD Carry. Even though Karmine Corp is not in the LEC at the moment, there are rumors regarding them potentially buying Astralis' spot for next year and joining the LEC.

The organization now showing interest in such a big player as Hans Sama could be an additional sign that they are looking to join the leading European League. The French team seems to be of particular interest to the ADC, as the offer will allegedly be pulled through if all the necessary conditions are met.

Team Liquid Says Farewell to the French ADC 

On September 19, Team Liquid officially confirmed the departure of the french bot laner together with a video thanking Hans Sama for his time with the organization.


In the video, the AD Carry talks about how grateful he is to have been with Team Liquid for the past years and his disappointment in his own performance during his time in the LCS. 

Hans Sama felt like the pressure was higher after attending worlds, and the pressure contributed to his lack of performance. This is one of the things Hans Sama said in the departure video: 

I felt like i needed to win every game, and when we lost some games, it would be harder to process.

This would not be the first time for Hans Sama to play in Europe, as he has formerly been part of Misfits and the 2022 European champions, Rogue. Many believed Rogue would have a hard time this year, as two of their top players, Hans Sama and Inspired, moved on to the LCS. But the team proved the critics otherwise by dominating G2 in the LEC Summer Finals 2022

What about Rekkles?

Karmine Corp's current ADC is the former LEC superstar, Rekkles. Because the organization is looking to buy Hans Sama, Rekkles has been allowed to look for other opportunities and is now exploring options in the LEC. Maybe Rekkles will be reunited with his past teammate in Fnatic, Broxah, as the retired jungler aches to rejoin the professional League of Legends scene next year.

If these rumors are to be accurate, we might see two former LEC legends come back to Europe next year, and we cannot wait. Which players do you hope to see next year? 

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