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Fan-Favorites might come to the LEC

Will KC And Giants Come To The LEC Next Year?

News 06-10-2023 17:30

These organizations were rejected during the franchising of Riot Games. However, they still attract massive viewership numbers in both the French and Spanish leagues. And another Spanish team could come to the LEC: Movistar Riders.

K Corp richtige Größe
Will KCorp come to the LEC? |©Riot Games

The LEC is the main platform for playing the best League of Legends in Europe. However, there are also regional leagues, such as the Primeleague in Germany or the LFL in France. 

These leagues have extremely enthusiastic fans with high viewership numbers, especially in France and Spain. Teams such as KOI, Karmine Corp or Giants are represented there.

After KOI entered into a partnership with Rogue and also plays under the name KOI in the LEC, other organizations could now follow suit.

According to Brieuc “LEC Wooloo” Seeger, the Belgian esports journalist who is known for his leaks, the organizations KCorp, Giants and Movistar Rider might be the next to come.

Giants had a team in the LEC in the past, with only moderate success. KCorp has wanted to join the LEC for quite some time, but fans had to be disappointed when they were rejected.

It should be noted that rumors are just rumors and should not be treated as facts. However, these rumors have almost always turned out to be true in the past with LEC_Wooloo, so it can actually be assumed that these collaborations will take place.

But what exactly does the mysterious LEC_Wooloo post say? Let’s find out.

What's In The LEC Wooloo Post?

Now you look at this and think “WTF?”. This isn't the first time Wooloo has created puzzle pictures like this. He's done this previously, which is why fans are pretty used to deciphering them by now.

Some smart KCorp fans have set out to decipher the image and it looks like shown in this Reddit thread:

Honestly, I don’t know how the fans came from 001010011100 to MAD. I went through several options with a binary calculator and couldn't figure it out... but I think the guys who did get the answer, or believe they got it, probably have a lot more time on their hands to invest into these riddles. 

In connection with this, we see the picture of a cyclist. When googling the image it's got Moviestar in the image description. So Movistar Riders is definitely part of the puzzle here.

Next up is the Excellent Dumpling House in connection with the Giant Talon bike. Now this one is for anyone who loves puns... Excellent dumpling place... XLent... XL will merge with Giants.

Last but not least is the Astralis merger with KCorp. Honestly, I have no idea how fans came up with this, maybe it's just copium of KCorp fans. 

There are also numbers listed for each merger which could be the announcement dates:

  • MAD and Movistar Riders: 29.11.
  • XL and Giants: 17.12.
  • Astralis and KCorp: 18.1.
Lec spring split 2023 mad lions
MAD will most likely keep their name |©Riot Games

Since MAD is the biggest Spanish fan favorite org and previously already merged with Splice to continue playing under their name, this is the least exciting merger. They will probably just continue playing under the name MAD.

However, since XL is not a particularly popular brand, a switch to Giants or XL Giants could be an option.

Last but not least, Astralis, which has not had a good reputation in LoL esports so far. After taking over Origen, they just couldn't see the results the org had in other esports like Counter Strike. They often landed at the bottom of the rankings and didn’t have any fan favorites among their ranks. 

With KCorp, however, the name will most likely change and they will continue to play here as KCorp. The biggest question, however, is how the roster plans will work out here. Cabochard is now almost the figurehead of KCorp, while Finn is still under contract.

This will be decided after Worlds in the off-season.

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