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Karmine Corp Will Not Be a Part of the LEC Next Year

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Will Rekkles join LEC next season? | © Riot Games

Sorry to all the LFL fans out there, but it looks like the French super team won't be joining the LEC anytime soon. 

With the League of Legends World Championship coming to an end, we are already looking forward to the next season of LoL in the various regions. 

Even though we can expect some significant changes going into next year, it looks like some things will stay the same in the LEC. 

Karmine Corp is a French organization with professional players across League of Legends, Trackmania, Valorant, Rocket League, and Teamfight Tactics.

During a stream, Karmine Corp CEO Kamel "Kameto" Kebir revealed that the French team will not join the LEC next year.

Kameto Gets Emotional During Stream

This is, of course, unfortunate news for the organization, as they have openly been putting a lot of effort into getting a spot in the LEC.  

According to LEC Wooloo, Kameto was clearly affected by the news and even had to turn off his camera due to emotions. This is what LEC Wooloo had to say about the stream: 

Kameto turned his cam off due to the emotion, saying that nobody wants to be in the LEC more than he does but that he wants to do it the right way. He also said they were very close at some point.

It is important to note that not all hope is lost for Karmine Corp's European dream. While Kameto was streaming, the possibility of Kcorp joining the LEC another year is still not out of the question, and we could see them trying again for 2024.

Even before this year's offseason, rumors about the French super team Karmine Corp joining the LEC next season began to spark. Though, with the recent news, these rumors are being put to rest.

It is no secret that getting a spot in the LEC is extremely difficult and requires one of the already exciting teams open to selling their place. 

In addition, Rot Games also has to concur with the new changes as it is vital for Riot that the teams in question follow the same ideals as LoL Esports. 

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