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Can we see TP boots in the future?

Will Riot Replace Teleport with Boots?

News 05-10-2022 14:43
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On patch 12.01, we received some heavy nerfs on the summoner spell Teleport, which has impacted the top lane heavily. According to Spideraxe, this might change as there could be some new items coming, replacing Teleport in the future.

In a recent tweet from Spideraxe, he showed some unreleased League of Legends items. One of the items shown caught some additional attention - the so-called "Boots of Teleportation." The boots are built from one Ruby Crystal and Boots of Speed, costing a total of 1200 gold.

The boots have an interesting active called "Teleport," which, you guessed it, channels for 4 seconds to teleport to a location near an allied structure, ward, minion, or Champion. The active has a cooldown of 240 seconds

If this were to be accurate, and the item would come into the League of Legends shop, we could see Teleport being removed from the game as a summoner spell and instead being available through various items.

Riot Games Responds to Tweet

Under Spideraxe's tweet, Riot Phlox responded teasingly, first saying they have no plans to release the new boots anytime soon. He did, however, also leave a cheeky "unless..." So, as we can see, it is hard to know if Riot Games will eventually put the item into the game. But until then, we can enjoy some of the buffs coming to top laner in the 2023 preseason.

The Future of Top Lane

I think we can all agree that the top lane has seen better days. Ever since the teleport changes, it has gone downhill, and several top laners are starting to get tired of it. Back in July of this year, we got a confirmation that Riot Games would be giving the top lane some attention, but not yet.

This was confirmed in a response from Riot Phroxzon on a Tweet from an annoyed top laner, talking about how he felt the top lane had reached rock bottom. As a response, Phroxzon said they do not have the resources to fix the top lane straight away but that the lane would have high-prio in the 2023 Preseason.

In the 2023 Preseason Preview, we finally saw that Riot Games had stuck to their words and are finally showing the top lane some love. Even though we don't have any fancy boots yet, we will see top laners being able to scale faster and hit essential items and level breakpoints sooner relative to mid and bot lane.

What do you think about having Teleport as an item instead of a summoner spell? 

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