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LoL Patch 14.10 Arena Patch Notes: Riot Making Major Changes

Patch Notes 07-05-2024 17:21

Arena is back and Riot is making some adjustments ahead of the start of the ranked season. 

Empyrean Akali
LoL Patch 14.10 Arena Patch Notes: This is what you need to know! | © Riot Games

Arena is going to be staying around for a long time. That's why Riot is looking to make sure that the game mode is healthy and in a good state, so everyone can enjoy some 2v2's. To ensure that every match is different from the last, there are also quite a few new features. 

With so many new additions to the beloved game mode, Riot will be closely monitoring it and balancing the mode accordingly. Now, to kick off the ranked season, Riot have announced some big changes. 

LoL Patch 14.10 Arena Patch Notes: Everything You Need To Know

Revive Timer Adjustments

The duration required to revive a player has been modified. Previously set between 11 and 8 seconds, it has now been extended to range from 12 to 8 seconds in the forthcoming patch. According to available data, reviving teammates has been relatively easy, prompting Riot to implement these targeted adjustments.

Ranked Start

While players have been able to play LoL Arena throughout Patch 14.9, Riot is going to kick off the mode's official ranked mode along with the other regular ranked experience. For high MMR players from previous sessions, you'll be getting a soft ranked reset to ensure a good start for new players as well. 

Prismatic Anvil Changes

In the latest update to the Arena game mode, Riot Games introduced Prismatic Anvils to inject a degree of unpredictability and freshness into each session. The goal was to diversify gameplay and ensure that no two matches felt the same. However, feedback from the community indicates that the randomness introduced by Prismatic Anvils may be too extreme, affecting the strategic consistency of the game.

Porcelain Darius
No more AP Darius. | © Riot Games

In response to player concerns, Riot plans to refine the impact of Prismatic Anvils in an upcoming patch. The aim is to moderate their randomness, enhancing player control over game outcomes. Phroxzon, a member of the balance team, articulated the intention behind this adjustment: "the ideal prismatic to hit the sweet spot of not being guaranteed, while not forcing [players] down AP Darius if [they] miss." This approach seeks to preserve the element of surprise without compromising strategic depth.

Jhin Changes In LoL Patch 14.10

Riot is set to implement adjustments to Jhin, a champion who has been central to discussions since Arena's return in LoL Patch 14.9. In the upcoming update for LoL Arena, changes will be made to both his missile speed and spawn location.

Empyrean Jhin
Jhin changes thank you! | © Riot Games

Specifically, Jhin's missile speed will be decreased by 25% to balance his gameplay impact. Additionally, his spawn location will be modified to ensure greater fairness for all competing teams. These changes aim to enhance the strategic dynamics of the game and ensure a more equitable playing field.

Arena Challenge "Arena God" Adjusted

You can also earn Challenges with Arena, but it seems that the "Arena God" challenge was way too difficult to complete. To address this, Riot is revising the requirements to make the title more achievable.

The updated criteria now state that players need to secure 60 first-place finishes to earn the "Arena God" title. Phroxzon revealed that, up to now, only 160 players have managed to achieve more than 20 first-place finishes. By reducing the previous threshold from 168 to 60 first-place finishes, Riot aims to make this Challenge realistically attainable for more players.

The Koi Pond map is also going to be taken under the microscope, but Riot won't be making major changes to it just yet. They want to increase the experience for players and have as much variety as possible, but they will be adjusting the map to improve it for the long run. 

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