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League of Legends: Arena Returns And Riot Teases PvE Mode

News 09-04-2024 12:16

Arena is an absolute fan favourite game mode and it's officially coming back soon! Riot has even teased us with a mode that will be available with the summer event.

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Arena is coming back for a long time! | © Riot Games

With the recent Dev interview we got a bit more information about the next rerun of the Arena game mode, and they even teased a mode that we will be getting in the near future.

Changes To Arena

Arena used to be a 2vs2vs2vs2 mode, but with the new iteration this will be updated to 8 teams meaning 16 players. This should already make matchmaking feel more alive and allows for more champion diversity. 

Arena will be coming in May 2024 and stay for around 4 months this time. Riot is very worried about player engagement falling off in the long term, which is why they haven't pulled the trigger on making it permanent yet.

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Riot Meddler has given some insight on the topic and reassures us that they think that Arena has potential and is worth updating.

Riot has also mentioned that the item rework of season 14 meant some new difficulties for the game mode. They decided to make a completely different item system and have added “Prismatic Items”. These are supposed to have really cool and whacky effects.

This run of Arena is meant to gauge the player engagement in the long run, so if you and your friends want to make sure that the game mode will reach permanence, play it. A lot.

A New PvE Game Mode

Lo L Bullethell Mode
Cant wait to play this. | © Riot Games

Riot has given us a little teaser about what event we can expect in the future. The outcry for something like this was always huge in the community, and now they have finally revealed it. A new cooperative PvE game mode. 

The new game mode was described as a Bullet Hell mode where you slay incoming hordes of enemies. The champion roster will be limited for that game mode, similar as in the Odyssey or Star Guardian game mode. 

As we can see in the screenshot above, Riot Sirhaian moved to the game mode team alongside some other prominent Rioters like Riot August. I've always loved Sirhaians work on the skin VFX team, and I'm sure the new game mode will have some amazing features and animations.

Are you hyped about the new PvE mode? 

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