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Five Reasons to Main Thresh

Champions 15-04-2023 14:00
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Support players often do not get the respect they deserve. They have to deal with their team throwing them under the bus, while they have to try and be the engage, the shield and the healer to compensate for everything their ADC lacks. 

But there are some support champions out there that have the potential to be just as threatening as their ADC counterpart. Senna, Seraphine, even Blitzcrank come to mind, but no champion is as feared in the support role as Thresh. This champion has everything a support player can just dream of and today we're going to give you some reasons why you should try the Chain Warden out and become a Thresh main! 

Why You Should Play Thresh

1. He Is The Most Versatile Support 

Thresh is more than just an engage machine. Sure, Leona and Nautilus can jump in and on top of a squishy carry, but that's about it. After that they're done for and can easily be burst down. Thresh on the other hand is much more versatile. He can engage and disenage from battle thanks to his kit. 

He's able to hook opponents, CC them with his Flay, or help his ADC get closer to their intended target thanks to his lantern. Even if he goes into a fight and is smack, dab in the middle of it, he's able to create havoc thanks to his Flay. 

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2. Thresh is Always Meta

Depending on item states, some support champions fall in and out of the meta pretty frequently. One moment Sona is completely OP, then the next patch Moonstone Renewer gets nerfed to hell and back, making her completely useless. 

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Thresh on the other hand is versatile in his build. He can be a beefy tank with items like Thornmail and Locket of the Iron Solari, but he's also able to be a utility support with Redemption and Shurelya's Battlesong. Many other supports do not have such options, and thus they can be considered worse than Thresh in some meta situations or even team compositions... though let's be real, who even cares about team composition in low elo solo queue? 

3. He Has the Best Hook in League of Legends

There I've said it. Thresh has the best hook ability in all of League of Legends. Sure, Pyke hook might be annoying as hell and players quiver in fear the moment Blitzcrank appears in a game, but Thresh is the champion with the best hook. Why? Because Thresh has a choice. 

Thresh hooks champions, and when hit they're basically immobile for 1.5 seconds. If he so chooses, he's able to recast the ability and launch himself towards the hooked champion. But this only applies when he wants to do just that. So, while Blitzcrank will hook you in, a super tanky Rell won't feel a thing by getting hooked. So, if you land your hook on the wrong champion, you won't giga troll your team like other champions will. 

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4. It's Hard To Predict Thresh

As already mentioned, Thresh is an extremely versatile pick, with his abilities and his builds. He's able to be what the team demands him to be, but he's also able to play mind games with his opponents. Just look at his lantern. He's able to place it somewhere in the fog-of-war just to give the illusion that the jungler might be there. Will the enemy take the bait or steer clear giving you and your lane partner ample time to continue farming? 

The animation for his hook is also extremely deceptive. While it does have a long animation, it does not give away who you will hook. You can stand there, throw out your Q, but hit a completely different enemy than the one you were looking at. This can cause a lot of confusion for the enemy team since they won't know who will be hooked. 

5. Thresh Has The Best Cosmetics

Now, let's be real here, the Unbound Thresh skin from 2021 just wasn't it, but barring that one skin, Thresh doesn't really have any bad looks. Even his base skin looks incredible! You don't even need to spend money on skins for Thresh to look and feel menacing. 

But if you do want a Thresh skin, then you'll have ample to choose from. Dark Star Thresh, Spirit Blossom Thresh, High Noon Thresh, they're some of the best and coolest skins in League of Legends. So, if you're a collector, looking for a champion with amazing skins, then Thresh is your guy. 

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to log into League of Legends and to play some Thresh. Seriously, Yasuo will hate you. Or maybe that annoying Fiora main who came down from the top lane. 

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