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LoL Patch 14.10: Micropatch Released To Adjust OP Champs And Items

Patch Notes 17-05-2024 12:45

LoL Patch 14.10 has released, and it comes as no surprise that Riot will be making some changes in a micropatch update. 

Karthus Lightsbane skin
LoL Patch 14.10 micropatch was obviously going to happen. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 14.10 has gone live, and some champions are just too good with the new items and adjustments that came with the huge mid-season update. And yet, here are other champions that have completely dropped off in win rate, which means Riot is going to be adding in some buffs as well. 

Riot Phreak outlined on Twitter what changes have gone live with the small hotfix micropatch, and it looks like Corki and Smolder are getting some attention from the balance team

LoL Patch 14.10: Hotfix Micropatch Released

Champion Buffs

Arcade corki
Some Corki buffs. | © Riot Games

In this League of Legends patch, Riot made huge changes to Corki, shifting him away from the mid lane and into the bot lane. This change hasn't helped his win rate all that much, and therefore Riot is going to be buffing Corki. 

The same will happen to Smolder, who is also pretty much dead in his current state, and it seems like the item changes didn't help him much either.


  • Q – Phosphorous Bomb
    • Damage: 70-230 >>> 70-250
  • E – Gatling Gun 
    • Bonus AD Ratio: 200% >>> 250%
  • R – Missile Barrage
    • Bonus AD Ratio: 70% >>> 80%


  • Base Stats
    • AD: 55 >>> 57
    • Health: 575 >>> 605
    • HP5: 3 >>> 4.5

Champion Nerfs

High Noon Samira
Samira is getting nerfed by Riot. | © Riot Games

Samira and Draven will sadly be nerfed, because they have both greatly benefited off the new items, especially with changes to items like Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge. These items have gained some huge adjustments and damage numbers, which champions like Samira and Draven definitely appreciate. 


  • P – League of Draven
    • Bonus Gold: 40 + 2.5 per Adoration >>> 10 + 2 per Adoration
  • Q – Spinning Axe
    • Damage: 45-65 >>> 40-60


  • Base Stats
    • AD Growth: 3.3 >>> 3.0
  • W – Blade Whirl
    • Damage: 20-80 + 80% Bonus AD >>> 20-80 + 60% Bonus AD
  • R – Inferno Trigger
    • Damage: 5/15/25 + 50% Total AD >>> 5/15/25 + 45% Total AD

System Changes In LoL Micropatch 14.10

Battle Academia Ezreal
Some buffs for Essence Reaver thank you! | © Riot Games

There are also some much-needed changes to items in this patch. Riot made huge changes, introduced new items, and it was clear from the beginning that these wouldn't be completely balanced once they hit live servers. So, now Riot is nerfing and buffing a few. 

Essence Reaver

  • AD: 65 >>> 70

Blackfire Torch

  • Burn: 60 + 12%AP >>> 45 + 9%AP

Fated Ashes

  • AP: 40 >>> 30
  • Burn 21 >>> 15 (60 Bonus damage to monsters unchanged)

Knight's Vow

  • Health: 300 >>> 200
  • Ability Haste: 15 >>> 10


  • Crit Chance: 20% >>> 15%

These are all the changes Riot are making in this micropatch, with multiple items getting nerfed and some struggling champions getting buffed. But honestly, where is the nerf to the new Yun Tal Widlarrows item? That damage is insane! 

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