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LoL: Fans Upset Over Lack Of Pride Celebration In Legends of Runeterra

News 14-05-2024 17:02

Pride is back and Riot is adding in some new free content for League of Legends and TFT, as well as Wild Rift and Valorant, but one of their titles is missing in the announcement. 

Pride Event Lo L 2024
LoL: Fans want Legends of Runeterra to also receive Pride content. | © Riot Games

Riot recently revealed their plans for Pride Month in 2024. The new key visual was also released, showing off multiple champions and finally revealing one of the worst kept secrets in League of Legends: That Rell is part of the LGBTQIA+ community

But it seems that with the announcement, fans also felt that something was missing... and that something was any type of reveal for the League of Legends card game, Legends of Runeterra. 

LoL: No Announcement For Pride Content In Legends of Runeterra

Pride Month Header Lo L
No pride in LoR it seems. | © Riot Games

Riot just posted a blog post in which they revealed what they're planning for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in terms of content for Pride Month. For two patches, players will be able to earn free rewards like emotes and icons, as well as have the special Pride homeguards. 

In the blog post, Riot also revealed that more information will follow for both Valorant, as well as Wild Rift. But it seems that one of their games has been completely forgotten by the devs and that is Legends of Runeterra. This is something fans have also pointed out quickly. 

On Twitter/X fans were quick to point it out, wondering where the content for Legends of Runeterra went. It looks like most of them weren't that surprised, with one user writing "nothing for LoR once again". 

It seems that after the major layoffs at Riot earlier this year, less faith has been put into the product by both players and the devs themselves. The Legends of Runeterra team has shrunk drastically, so it could be harder for them to create content like Pride content. Maybe Riot will add some new content and announce it soon, who knows, but for now, players are disappointed with the news. 

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