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League of Legends Players Left Wondering Why PC Skins Are So Much Worst Than Those On Mobile

News 22-04-2024 17:20

Some brand-new skins were just revealed by the Wild Rift team, and it seems that LoL PC players are once again complaining about their skin quality compared to that of the mobile game. 

Calligraphia Xayah
League of Legends Players want to know why their skins don't have the same feel. | © Riot Games

Wild Rift has just introduced a new batch of skins to come with their next update. A brand-new mobile-exclusive skin line has also been added, which has left some players wondering whether these skins could ever make their way to PC. It seems like every time that new Wild Rift exclusive skins come out, the PC players are in uproar. 

League of Legends Players Lament Style Of Skins They Get On PC

Blood Moon Zyra
Zyra got a Blood Moon skin in 2024 for LoL PC. | © Riot Games

The most recent new skin line, Calligraphia, has just been revealed for Wild Rift. While the skin line has been met with a lot of praise, there is one question. How could Riot release an entire skin line around calligraphy without porting over Hwei into the game? But that's for another article. 

Players on Reddit have expressed their feelings regarding these new skins, asking why the Wild Rift skins feel and look so much better than the ones for PC. In 2024, PC players have received new skins in some of the largest and fan-favorite universes, but all of them have felt lackluster and like the skins teams are forcing champions into specific thematics that don't actually suit them. 

Calligraphia Janna
This is such a pretty Janna skin. | © Riot Games

Some players believe that the difference in quality could stem from a time constraint. League of Legends pumps out new skins every 2-weeks. On the other hand, Wild Rift doesn't have as frequent patches, meaning they can take more time with the skins. 

One player also noted that there is much more competition in the mobile MOBA market than for PC, where there is basically just League of Legends and Dota 2. So some seem to believe that this could also factor into the skins for PC. 

Project jax splash
I still can't get over this skin... it looks like Xin Zhao. | © Riot Games

Finally, the engine the game is on could also play a role into the skin quality. With Wild Rift's engine being much newer than that of League of Legends. We all know that the game we are playing on is actually run on some spaghetti mess that shouldn't even be playable anymore. 

Overall, it seems that players believe there are multiple reasons why there are such different skins and so much variance in the quality as well. 

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