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LoL Patch 13.23: Riot Introduces Auto Rune Adjustment to Counter OP K'Sante Exploit

Patch Notes 09-11-2023 16:30

This League of Legends patch, Riot is making some changes to K'Sante again, with him being a little too good thanks to hexflash. 

Prestige K Sante
LoL Patch 13.23: K'Sante is getting some adjustments!

K'Sante has received his fair share of changes and adjustments throughout the last few weeks. First he got completely reworked, then adjusted and now he's going to be receiving some more adjustments in LoL Patch 13.23, even though the balance team says they're happy with his current state. 

One of the reasons why he's likely getting some changes though are because of a bug with Hexflash and his W, which made him pretty OP. So it's time to make changes until the bug can be fixed. 

LoL Patch 13.23: Hexflash Disabled On K'Sante Due To Bug

On the PBE server for LoL Patch 13.23, Riot have disabled Hexflash on K'Sante. If you choose the rune, then it will automatically replace it with Magical Footwear instead. This was likely done because of a bug that has made K'Sante way too strong. 

According to some players, K'Sante had been able to cast his W instantly, twice or even long distances if Hexflash was available. Not only that, but it seemed like the ability had 0 cooldown and players could charge it as long as they wanted. 

Riot Phreak of the balance team has also revealed that they are making this rune change due to the bug and that once it is fixed they'll re-enable Hexflash on K'Sante. 

Obviously disabling a rune is an incredibly inelegant fix. It's not the correct one long term, for sure [...] I think if we were unable to find a fix, shipping this rune replacement would be 100% the correct decision. 

On Reddit, Phreak also stated that only 1% of K'Sante players actually pick up the Hexflash rune and that many have only done so to abuse the bug in the game. That's another reason they're currently disabling it, to stop others from using the bug for their own gain. 

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